Supernatural season 5 marks the final chapter in Eric Kripke’s masterpiece, though it won’t be the final season of the show.  Season 5 introduced Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer as the main foe of Sam and Dean, who spent the season finding a way to stop him from causing the Apocalypse.  Relive every great moment from Supernatural season 5 by looking through our coverage for each episode.

Supernatural Season 6:
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Season 6 Spoilers
Sera Gamble Takes Over as Showrunner
The Plan for Season 6
How Would Cas Fit Into Season 6?
100 Funniest Quotes
100 Memorable Characters

Supernatural Season 5 Episodes:

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 1
“Sympathy for the Devil”

Recap: Let the Armageddon Begin
Photos from “Sympathy for the Devil”
Wincest Slash: “This is Wrong”
Why Dean Must Forgive Sam
Ratings: A Not-So-Great Start
Video: 3 Clips from “Sympathy for the Devil”
Video: Fan Girl Becky Meets Sam

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 2
“Good God, Y’All”

Recap: War, What Is He Good For?
Photos from “Good God, Y’All”
The Great Forgiveness Debate: Dean Was Right

Video: Call from an Old Friend
Misha and Fans Declare Twitter War on P. Diddy
Is Twitter Silencing Supernatural Fans?

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 3
“Free to Be You and Me”

Recap: Cas and Dean, Two Wild and Crazy Guys
Photos from “Free to Be You and Me”
Who is God’s Vessel?

Best Quotes from “Free to Be You and Me”
Video: Cas and Dean Have the Sex Talk

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 4
“The End”

Recap: Two Deans are Better Than One
Photos from “The End”
Do You Feel Sympathy for the Devil?
Supernatural Mocks President Sarah Palin
Everything You Need to Know About Croatoan

How is John Winchester Connected to This Episode?
Video: Angels and Cell Phones Don’t Mix

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 5
“Fallen Idol”

Recap: Paris Hilton is a Homicidal Maniac
Why Paris Was Good for Supernatural

Photos from “Fallen Idol”
Paris Hilton’s Acting Highlights
Videos: Sam and Dean, Together Again

Paris Hilton Comes to Supernatural

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 6
“I Believe the Children Are Our Future”

Recap: The Anti-Christ Isn’t So Bad
Where is Lucifer?
Photos from “I Believe the Children Are Our Future”
Preview Photos for Episodes 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8
Video: A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 7
“The Curious Case of Dean Winchester”

Recap: Old Man Dean and Sam’s Poker Face
Is Bobby Going to Be OK?
5 Things I Want to See from Old Man Dean
Photos from “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester”
Preview Photos for Episodes 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8
Video: Grump Old Dean

spn-s5e8thumb.jpgSupernatural Season 5, Episode 8
“Changing Channels”
Recap: Trapped in TV Land
Supernatural Vlog for “Changing Channels”
The Meaning of Dean’s Question
John Winchester = God
8 Things to Look for in “Changing Channels”
Early Review: The Best Episode of Season 5
15 Supernatural Parodies and Crossovers We Want to See
Everything You Needs to Know About Grey’s Anatomy
The Supernatural Guide to the Trickster
Photos from “Changing Channels”
Preview Photos for Episodes 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8.
Video: Definitely NOT a Bear Attack

spn-s5e9-thumb.jpgSupernatural Season 5, Episode 9
“The Real Ghostbusters”

Recap: The Ultimate Fan Convention
Supernatural Vlog for “The Real Ghostbusters”
Is Supernatural Jumping the Sharl?
5 Things I Want to See from the Fan Convention
Video: Becky’s Back
Photos from “The Real Ghostbusters”

spn-s5e10-thumb.jpgSupernatural Season 5, Episode 10
“Abandon All Hope”
Recap: The Tragic Casualties of War
Who Else Can’t Be Killed by the Colt?
In Memoriam: A Tribute to Jo and Ellen

Abandon All Hope? Mission Accomplished
Major Spoiler for “Abandon All Hope”
Video: Ellen and Jo Return
Video: Sam and Dean Find the Colt
Photos from “Abandon All Hope”

spn511-thumb.jpgSupernatural Season 5, Episode 11
“Sam, Interrupted”
Recap: Sam and Dean Go Nuts
A Psychological Evaluation of Dean
A Psychological Evaluation of Sam
Trailer: Sam and Dean in the Loony Bin
Video: Sam is a Little Depressed
Videos: Sam Takes His Pants Off

spn512-swapmeatvid.jpgSupernatural Season 5, Episode 12
“Swap Meat”
Recap: Invasion of Sam’s Body Snatcher
Why Didn’t Dean Realize Sam Wasn’t Himself?
Videos: Sam Wants to Have the Sex
Video: Sasquatch Trapped in a Little Boy’s Body

SupernaturalSupernatural Season 5, Episode 13
“The Song Remains the Same”
Recap: Winchester Family Reunion, 1978
It’s All About the Blood
Is There Free Will on Supernatural?
Review for “The Song Remains the Same”
A Refresher on Anna Milton
Videos: How Sam Met His Mother
Photos from “The Song Remains the Same”

SupernaturalSupernatural Season 5, Episode 14
“My Bloody Valentine”

Recap: Feast and Famine
The 10 Biggest Gross-Out Moments
Who Will Save Dean’s Soul?
V-Day: Dean’s Greatest Loves
Interview with “My Bloody Valentine” Writer Ben Edlund
Videos: Cupid Goes Rogue
Video: Cupid’s Handshake
Photos from “My Bloody Valentine”
First Look at Cupid

spn-deadmenplaid.jpgSupernatural Season 5, Episode 15
“Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”
Recap: Welcome to Zombieland
Bobby’s Heroic Journey
Take the Quiz for This Episode
Bobby’s Best Moments
Photos from “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”
Interview: Jim Beaver at the 100th Episode Party
Video Preview: Zombies Have Rights, Too
Video: Behind the Scenes with Jim Beaver
Video Preview: Zombie Jamboree

SPNSupernatural Season 5, Episode 16
“Dark Side of the Moon” (Apirl 1)

Photos from “Dark Side of the Moon”
Why Did Dean Throw Away His Necklace?
20 Greatest Supernatural Deaths
Videos: What Does Heaven Look Like?
Interview: Misha Collins at the 100th Episode Party
Guess Who’s Coming Back from the Dead?

spn-s5e17thumb.jpgSupernatural Season 5, Episode 17
“99 Problems”
Recap: They Got 99 Problems and a Whore is One
Dean’s Ultimate Sacrifice
Video: Most Awesome Exorcism Ever
10 Girl Problems for Sam and Dean
What’s in Store for Michael Shanks?

spn-100videos.jpgSupernatural Season 5, Episode 18
“Point of No Return”
Recap: Game-Changing 100th Episode
Fans Discuss 100th Episode
Review: Major Changes in 100th Episode
Photos from “Point of No Return”
More Photos from “Point of No Return”
Videos: Everyone vs. Dean
100th Episode: What’s It All About?
Interview: Jensen Ackles at the 100th Episode Party
Interview: Jared Padalecki at the 100th Episode Party
Interview: Sera Gamble on 100th Episode and Season 6
Notes from the 100th Episode Party
More Scoop on the 100th Episode

100 Memorable Supernatural Characters
100 Funniest Supernatural Quotes

spns5e19thumb.jpgSupernatural Season 5, Episode 19
“Hammer of the Gods”
Recap: Hotel of the Gods
Funniest Quotes from “Hammer of the Gods”
Video: An Elephant in a Towel
Photos from “Hammer of the Gods”
Meet the God of Light

SupernaturalSupernatural Season 5, Episode 20
“The Devil You Know”
Recap: Let’s Make a Deal … with a Demon
Best Quotes from “The Devil You Know”
Mark Sheppard: TV’s Most Awesome Guest Star
Photos from “The Devil You Know”
Video: Sam and Dean’s Cunning Scheme
Another Horseman Rides Into Supernatural

SPNSupernatural Season 5, Episode 21
“Two Minutes to Midnight”

Recap: Dean’s Date with Death
Best Quotes from “Two Minutes to Midnight”
Photos from “Two Minutes to Midnight”
Mark Sheppard: TV’s Most Awesome Guest Star
Video: Bobby and Crowley Sitting in a Tree

SPNSupernatural Season 5, Episode 22
“Swan Song”
Recap: Apocalypse Now!
Best Quotes from “Swan Song”
Photos from “Swan Song”
More Photos from “Swan Song”
Is Chuck God?
How Will Season 5 End?
Video: Goodbye Sammy
Video: Sam and Dean Drink a Beer
The Road to the Apocalypse

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