The long-awaited “Modern Family clan goes to Hawaii” episodes are finally here. The two-parter began with this week’s “Airport 2010,” AKA “The One Where Everyone Waits at LAX.” Though not a complete laugh riot, the episode played out nicely, balancing the silly with the sweet.

The show’s main running gag revolves around a series of surprises for Jay, from Gloria. Think you’re going to have a romantic getaway with your hot wife? Surprise–she’s invited the whole clan to come on the vacation (and paid for it all, much to Jay’s chagrin). Think you’ll get to relax all week by the pool? Surprise–your wife has planned a week of daily hiking, culminating in a one final hike–to the top of a volcano. It’s enough to drive a man to drink, which Jay does.

I could have used a little more time devoted to Manny being placed on a no-fly list, but you can’t have everything, given the abundance of subplots. What was he doing in Japan in 2003, anyway? He says he was only four and has never been there, but the TSA guy still looks skeptical. (I don’t blame him–I’m not sure that old-soul Manny was ever four.)

Normally at this point, I would describe the episode’s parenting lessons. But instead, let’s call this one:

Life Lesson of the Week

Take my advice–I’m not using it.

While Phil takes Mitchell back home to retrieve his forgotten wallet, a flustered Cam and stressed-out Claire bond in the airport bookstore. The Dunphys give advice to Mitchell and Cam, respectively, about maintaining open lines of communication and understanding your partner’s needs. As soon as the advice comes out of their mouths, Claire and Phil both realize they should heed these words of wisdom for their own relationship. In the end everyone hugs it out, though the terrified-to-fly Claire is now totally looped from drinking with Jay at the bar.

Quotes of the Week

Phil (as he helps Mitchell break into his house during the wallet retrieval): “If you show enough houses, you learn all the tricks. Every Realtor is just a ninja in a blazer. The average burglar breaks in and leaves clues, but not me. I’m completely clueless.”

Jay: “Make it a double–I’m traveling with my family.”

Claire: “It’s not every wife that would spend the money to fly her family to Hawaii.”

Jay: “Okay, just where does everybody think that Gloria’s money comes from?”

Jay: (after Gloria gives Phil one final surprise–the family will be going home before them so they have can alone-time): “I could not love you more than I do right now.”

Gloria (in a whisper): “I also found a topless beach.”

Jay: “I was wrong.”

Next week–It’s luau time! Can’t wait.

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-Alison Stern-Dunyak, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

Alison Stern-Dunyak

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