If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Supernatural‘s Sam and Dean better hope a little hunting expedition won’t cause their nephilim cohort to unleash Jack Nicholson levels of crazy.

For the first time since season 13 filming began in July, Lucifer’s (Mark Pellegrino) son was spotted shooting with the Winchester brothers. Bypassing the terrible twos, the sarcasm of his tweens, and landing firmly in the realm of an angsty teen just moments after his birth, Alexander Calvert’s character remains an unknown quantity. Based on recent behind-the-scenes photos, it appears as if he’ll go to bat for the good guys…at least for now.

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With Kelly Kline out of the picture and Satan trapped in an alternate universe, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are now in loco parentis. The first thing they’ll teach their foster son? An appreciation for fine dining fast food. 

After fetching a few hot dogs, Jack stands by as our favorite pseudo-G-men debate episode 4’s monster of the week. Check out the clip below! 

Later, the trio was seen visiting a set marked “Family Therapy.” If only it was for them. 

As congenial as their relationship seems, the Winchesters and Jack will get off to a rocky start. Dean, reeling from the death of Cas (Misha Collins) and the disappearance of Mary (Samantha Smith), will have the hell spawn in his crosshairs during the season 13 premiere. 

“We pick up right where we left off and, essentially, Dean’s lost everybody aside from his brother. He doesn’t really know how to respond to that or emotionally process what just happened. What he can do is he can go shot someone in the face. So that’s what he tries to go do. It doesn’t happen. Sam stops him and tries to talks some sense [into him],” Ackles told Hypable at San Diego Comic-Con. “But, of course, the kid gets away and now it’s a bit of a manhunt.”

Clearly Supernatural won’t opt to drag out Jack’s rendition of Fugitive. Nor will the boys let their guard down. 

“Dean is going to treat it like a keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer kind of thing,” Ackles explained, indicating that Dean will hold out hope that Jack is key to rescuing Mary from the apparent multiverse. 

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