Supernatural isn’t afraid to end a season with one of the two brothers in peril. There have been car accidents, deaths, trips to Hell and Purgatory and even soullessness. But season 9 may have topped all of them by turning its hero into the very thing he’s fought against.

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In the Supernatural season 9 finale, Dean, armed with the Mark of Cain and the First Blade, fought Metatron and was killed. He died in his brother’s arms, just like Sam did in the season 2 finale, and while Sam tried to make a deal to bring his brother back (just like Dean did), Crowley had other plans.

The King of Hell revealed that he knew something about the Mark of Cain all along. In the final seconds, he placed the First Blade in the hand of Dean’s dead body and Dean awoke, now with the signature black eyes of a demon.

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Now that Dean is a demon (and presumably a Knight of Hell, since that’s what happened to the original Cain), where can the show go? Here are four possible predictions for how Supernatural might deal with Demon Dean.

Sam Cures Him

In season 8, the brothers found a spell to cure a demon in an attempt to close the Gates of Hell. Sam started to perform it on Crowley, leading to the King of Hell’s blood addiction and his emotional meltdowns, but it wasn’t completed. However, this does seem a little obvious and too good to be true. And things are never this easy for the Winchesters.

Dean Stays a Demon

This is very unlikely, but the show is already in season 10, so why not just leave Dean as a demon? The Vampire Diaries found ways to get around turning almost all of its major characters into vampires, so maybe Dean will just learn to live as a demon. It’s not all bad (the boys seem to get along with Crowley) and we know that Snooki has been able to live a successful, famous life as a Crossroads Demon, so Dean could still be himself, but just with new, evil super powers.


Supernatural has a literal deus ex machine waiting in the wings at all times: God. He’s been MIA forever, but the show has used Him before (when Cas came back after being exploded into a million pieces at the end of season 4). Now, with Metatron in Heaven Jail and no one left to rule Heaven, God to finally make his return and, while he’s at it, fix that pesky demon problem for Dean. Sure “God saves the day” is an easy solution and feels like cheating, but after everything the Winchesters have done, doesn’t God owe them?

Mid-Season Magic

More likely than not, Supernatural will employ a formula it’s used before. In season 6, when Sam had no soul, and in season 9, when Sam was possessed by an angel, the boys worked together for the first half of the season before something fixed everything. In season 6, it was Death putting up the wall in Sam’s mind, and in season 9, it was Crowley going into Sam to help him fight Gadreel.

I can definitely imagine a scenario where Dean remains a demon for about 10 episodes, but then, in the big mid-season finale, there’s some magical spell or angelic intervention that fixes him, but with some other, dangerous consequences.

What do you think should happen to Demon Dean in Supernatural season 10? How long should he stay a demon? And who, if anyone, should cure him?

Supernatural season 10 returns Tuesdays at 9pm on the CW in fall 2014.

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