If you ever decide to build a castle, I would suggest not installing a Moon Door. That’s the lesson from this week’s Game of Thrones which ends with a twisted and shocking death as Littlefinger’s body county grows larger.

“Mockingbird” also reveals the two opponents in Tyrion’s trial by combat (the fact that the next new episode is titled “The Mountain and the Viper” might be a clue). In addition, the Hound gets emotional, Daario gets naked and Hot Pie makes his annoying but helpful return.

Watch Out for the Moon Door

Sansa Stark decides to build Winterfell in the snow, but is interrupted by Robin, her cousin/future husband. Robin is upset because the castle doesn’t have a moon door (the giant hole in the floor through which people plummet to their deaths), and he thinks every castle needs one. Something tells me he won’t agree with that statement later on.

Robin smashes the snow castle and Sansa slaps him, which is easily the best thing Sansa has done in four seasons. Littlefinger shows up to talk about how much he loved Catelyn and how, if things had worked out different, Sansa might’ve been his daughter. Then he kisses her on the lips, which sends some disturbing mixed messages.

Lysa Arryn, Littlefinger’s new wife, sees the kiss and proceeds to threaten to push Sansa into the moon door. Lukcily she’s stopped by Littlefinger, who promises to send Sansa away. He gets up closes and promises Lysa that there’s only one person he’s ever loved. Her sister, Catelyn.

With that emotional dagger to the heart, Littlefinger pushes Lysa into the moon door and she falls to her death. That dude is on an impressive killing spree this season

Tyrion Finds His Champion

In King’s Landing, Jaime isn’t pleased that Tyrion screwed up the deal he made with their dad at the trial. He also reveals that he can’t fight on behalf of his brother because his left-handed training isn’t going so well. Making matters worse, Cersei has chosen the Mountain to fight on behalf of Joffrey. And the Mountain is a giant man who we see slaughtering people left and right.

Bronn also turns down the opportunity to fight for Tyrion because he’s getting married. Then a ray of sunshine appears: Oberyn Martell. He visits Tyrion and talks about how he first met Tyrion when he was just born. Everyone talked about how he was a hideous monster, but Oberyn just saw a baby.

It’s a great speech, but the important part is that, since the Mountain raped and killed Oberyn’s sister, he wants revenge. Oberyn offers to be Tyrion’s champion in the trial by combat.

Elsewhere in the Seven Kingdoms

This episode has a lot of short filler scenes catching us up on the characters, so let’s go through them all.

-Brienne and Podrick stop at an inn for kidney pie and it just so happens to be the one Hot Pie is working at. Brienne tells Hot Pie about looking for Sansa, and Hot Pie tells her all about how Arya is alive and travelling with the Hound.

-Speaking of Arya, she gets another kill under her belt by murdering one of those nasty prisoners from season 2. She also bonds with the Hound who tells her about the emotional pain of his brother burning him.

-Jon Snow is back at Castle Black and begging the leaders to prepare for Mance Rayder’s invasion. No one takes him seriously.

-Melisandre chats with Stannis’ wife and tells her that their deformed daughter, Shireen, must come with them.

-Daario refuses to quit hitting on Dany, so she caves and has sex with him. The next day she agrees to let him go to Yunkai to kill all of the masters, but Jorah convinces her to try diplomacy first.

Game of Thrones is taking next week off as HBO airs The Normal Heart, so after enjoying an AIDS drama starring Tim Riggins and the Incredible Hulk, GoT returns for the final three episodes of the season on June 1.

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