It’s the season finale, Supernatural fans, and it looks like the Winchesters and Cas are facing overwhelming odds to once again save the human race. This episode is titled “Do You Believe in Miracles,” and it may prove a fitting one because Sam, Dean and Cas may really need one to defeat the evil Metatron and his army.

Sure, Sam and Dean have been in similar situations before, but now Dean is suffering from the after effects of the Mark of Cain and his new best friend is the First Blade. I am not sure how helpful Dean is going to be until he actually faces Metatron.

Attention All Angels

After Dean slices Gadreel across the chest, Sam and Cas struggle to contain him from finishing off the angel. They lock up Dean since he is acting so out of control. When they go to check on Gadreel, he is gone.

Metatron is now answering to the name of God, and he has a fancy new angel intercom system so that every angel, whether they are on earth or in Heaven, will hear his speech. He has some exciting news to share — he is going on a brief trip and so he is temporarily closing Heaven’s door. Well, that was anticlimactic. Cas and Sam track down Gadreel lying in a field. Cas heals him, over Gadreel’s objections. He tells them that he fears Metatron is going after humans.

Learning the Truth

Meanwhile, poor Crowley’s massage is interrupted when Dean summons him. Dean wants to know (perhaps a bit too late) why he has changed since killing Abaddon. Killing gives Dean a rush. If Dean doesn’t kill, he could die since he is human, not a demon like Cain. Leave it to Crowley to be the bearer of bad, and even worse, tidings about the side effects of the mark. Dean wants to finally dance with Metatron and ropes Crowley into helping him escape.

At the Men of Letters HQ, Gadreel sounds pleased that Dean has the Mark of Cain and the First Blade, thinking that may offer the best chance of destroying Metatron. Sam is less than thrilled with sending his brother against Metatron in his current state. Gadreel also suspects that Metatron has discovered a way to harness power from the Angel Tablet. If they can sever Metatron’s ties to the tablet, which he keeps in his office, he will retain only his normal angelic powers. I really hope that Gadreel is not still working for Metatron and setting up another trap. 

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Miracles by Marv

Metatron appears on the sidewalk after a young woman has been hit by a truck. Metatron revives the woman and whispers something in her ear. Naturally, someone captures the whole extravaganza on video, and “Marv” is now a viral superstar.

Dean and Crowley hit a diner to dish on the current state of Hell (which is complicated) and what Dean is most concerned about (killing Metatron). Crowley’s minions tip him off to the video and they hit the road to locate the woman that Marv brought back to life. When they arrive at her home, Sam is waiting there for his brother.

Sam and Dean have another argument about how Dean tricked Sam into accepting Gadreel, and how Sam has nightmares about Kevin’s death. The brothers finally come to an understanding that Dean is going to take his best shot at getting rid of Metatron, and Sam wants them to do it together. So what did Marv whisper in the woman’s ear? His next location.

Once in Heaven

Gadreel and Cas head to the location of Heaven’s secret door, which is in a playground. Cas suggests they do the “wookiee” in order to gain entrance. I love it! Gadreel handcuffs Castiel and they convince the angel guards to let them in so Metatron can question Cas. Once they are inside Heaven, cells spring up around them. I don’t think they expected a tour of Heaven’s jail. Castiel and Gadreel tell Hannah about Metratron’s misdeeds, and she asks for proof.
Gadreel turns suicide bomber and asks for redemption as he blows himself up. Cas asks Hannah if she still doubts Gadreel now. Cas and Hannah try to find the tablet in Metatron’s office. Cas finally looks under the typewriter, and there is the tablet.

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Fight Night

Sam and Dean track Metatron to a homeless encampment where he has been performing some minor miracles. They share a nice brotherly moment before Dean knocks Sam out. Dean has decided that he is taking on Metraton alone.

Dean and Metatron finally meet in an old building. Metatron tries to sell himself as a real God of the people, but finally admits that it is strategic branding. Dean is itching to get to the fighting and strikes at Metatron. Metatron has super strength and flings Dean against the wall like a rag doll. Sam shows up to the party finally to try and help his brother, who certainly needs reinforcements right about now. Dean’s situation is not looking pretty, people. Dean uses the power of telekinesis to get the First Blade back in his hand just as Metatron plunges his blade into Dean’s chest. Sam is horrified, and so am I.

Cas Turns the Tables

Cas smashes the Angel Tablet and Dean wakes up. Metatron reappears back to his office to have a discussion with Castiel. Cas is furious when Metratron tells him that Dean is dead. Metatron then goes on a rant about how all the angels are like stupid sheep. Unbeknownst to him, Cas had turned on his angel intercom. Well done, Castiel! Metatron is now imprisoned in Heaven’s jail.

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Death Comes for Dean

Dean tells Sam that it is better this way because the Mark of Cain is turning him into a monster. Dean tells Sam that he is proud of them and the work they have done. Dean collapses in his brother’s arms as Sam cries. Sam lays out Dean’s body at the Men of Letters HQ and starts hitting the bottle. Sam decides that Crowley is to blame and summons him to bring Dean back.

Crowley, at the same time, goes to talk to Dean and admits that he didn’t know that Dean would die after accepting the Mark of Cain. Crowley reveals that Cain also died, but was later resurrected. Crowley puts the First Blade in Dean’s hand and tells him to open his eyes. Dean does — his black demonic eyes.

This week’s season 9 finale of Supernatural was a shocker! Do you think that Dean will stay a demon, or is this some temporary state? What will Cas do about his expiring grace?

The speculation, and the wait until next season, begins now! Sound off about Supernatural in the comments below.

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