My 30 favorite moments from Supernatural’s ninth season.

#30 Samzekiel Is Born

The first half of season 9 kicked off with a dramatic change for Sam as he became secretly possessed by an angel claiming to be Ezekiel. From there, the glowing blue eyes signaled a transformation between Sam and his scary, stone-faced angel counterpart.

#29 Cas Leaves His Trenchcoat

Remember when Cas was human? That storyline at the beginning of season 9 kicked off with Cas removing his iconic trenchcoat (and the rest of his clothes) at a laundromat. Luckily he eventually got his wardrobe back.

Cas Leaves His Trenchcoat

#28 Abaddon Threatens Dean

In the second episode, Abaddon had a run-in with Dean that was blistering with sexual tension and domination, along with deadly threats.

#27 Cas Has Sex

Human Cas experienced all that the world had to offer, including urination and food. But it was sex that was the most surprising as the awkward ex-angel finally got his groove on.

#26 The Land of Oz

My favorite special effects from season 9 were the brief glimpses inside Oz from the episode featuring Dorothy and Charlie fighting the Wicked Witch. If the CW really wanted a Supernatural spin-off, why not one about the lesbian hacker played by Felicia Day taking the fight to Oz?

#25 Dean Becomes a Dog

Sometimes Supernatural is just plain silly, and that was obvious when Dean mindmelded with a canine and started acting like a dog, barking and even getting turned on by a poodle.

#24 Cas Sings “Believe It or Not” to a Baby

While Dean as a dog was funny, the single most hilarious moment of season 9 came when Cas, as a babysitter, sang the child to sleep using the theme song from The Greatest American Hero.

#23 Teen Dean Chooses His Family

It’s always fun to see the younger versions of the Winchesters, and in “Bad Boys” was saw a teenage Dean have his first love and start to develop roots, but he gave up his chance at a happy, normal life to be with his brother.

#22 Dean Sleeps with a Porn Star

It seemed almost inevitable that this item would be crossed off his bucket list at some point, so it made sense when Dean, posing as a born-again virgin, had sex with a star of Casa Erotica.

#21 Sheriff Mills Gets the Kills

One of my favorite parts of Supernatural is that the heroes, Sam and Dean, don’t always save the day. Sheriff Mills returned for two episodes in season 9, and in both cases, she was the one who killed the big, bad monsters. She doesn’t need help, she’s every bit as bad-ass as the Winchesters.

#20 Gadreel Kills Kevin

Supernatural is never afraid to kill the people closest to Sam and Dean. The fact was apparent when Gadreel, the real angel possessing Sam, killed the prophet Kevin Tran. Dean’s tears were a punch to the emotional gut.

#19 Cecily the Demon

One of my favorite new characters, who was then immediately killed, Cecily was a demon working at the NSA who was split in her loyalties to Crowley and Abaddon. Her gift for gab, and her saucy attraction to Cas, made her delightful.

#18 Crowley in Sam’s Mind

Between the wall Death put up, Gadreel and then Crowley, Sam has had a lot in his mind. Watching the King of Hell and a deadly angel do battle inside Sam’s brain was fun, especially since Crowley turned out to be one of the good guys.

Crowley in Sam’s Mind

#17 Dean Gets the Mark of Cain

Dean is more of a “shoot first, ask questions later” kind of. So when Cain offered his Mark, Dean gladly took it on without even listening to the potential dangerous consequences. But we’ve seen them anyway as he hulks out like Popeye eating spinach every time he kills something with the First Blade.

#16 “Something’s Broken”

The rift between Sam and Dean gre wider than ever in season 9, and things really started to head south at the end of “Sharp Teeth.” Following a case with Garth, the brothers had a squabble that included Sam telling Dean that “Something’s broken” and that he can’t trust his brother. Dean tried to argue that it’s always about family, but Sam fought back that everything bad that happens is BECAUSE they’re family, saying that they could be co-workers or brothers, but not both.

#15 Sam’s Yoga Outfit

Supernatural gave fans tickets to the gun show when Sam dressed in a tight, sleeveless outfit to pose as a yoga instructor. Who could say no to that?

#14 Sam Wouldn’t Save Dean

The feud between the brothers hit an all-time high at the end of “The Purge” when they had a big fight at the Men of Letters HQ about Dean’s hero complex and how he’s always sacrificing himself. Dean argued that, if the situation was reversed, Sam would do anything to save Dean. “No, Dean. I wouldn’t” was his brutal response.

#13 Mrs. Tran and Her Ghost Son

Death never prevents a character from returning, and that was doubly true when Kevin’s ghost reunited with his mother (who Crowley claimed was dead). Even in the afterlife, it was nice to see a moment of family bonding.

Mrs. Tran and Her Ghost Son

#12 Snooki the Crossroads Demon

Following in the footsteps of guest star Paris Hilton as a monster, Jersey Shore’s Snooki popped up in season 9 and it turned out she’s actually a Crossroads Demon. That certainly explains her success.

#11 Magnus the Master of Spells

My favorite new character of season 9, Magnus (aka Cuthbert Sinclair) was a former member of the Men of Letters who used magic to live forever in a pocket universe full of countless creatures and supernatural oddities. He was delightfully entertaining, it’s just a shame Dean chopped off his head.

#10 The Exorcism App

I previously thought a bullet with a Devil’s Trap etched into it was the coolest technological innovation in demon fighting. Then came Sam’s use of an app that recites the exorcism spell, for use when a demon was choking him. Welcome to the 21st century, demons.

#9 The Metatron Opening

I’m amused when Supernatural changes its opening title card, and in Meta Fiction, Metatron was telling the story and got his own title credit for his special show.

#8 Is Gabriel Alive?

Gabriel, aka the Trickster, is easily one of the best character in the history of Supernatural. Always causing trouble, he returned to help Cas, though it was actually a dream world created by Metatron. Still, when Gabriel raised his eyebrows when Cas asked if he’s really dead (he was killed by Lucifer in season 5), it was a fitting conclusion to this character who always keeps you guessing.

#7 Nathaniel Buzolic as David Lassiter

The Bloodlines pilot failed, probably because introducing a ton of random new characters isn’t the best idea. But I did like Buzolic as David, a shapeshifter who uses his gifts to steal college test answers. That’s one character I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

#6 Crowley’s Son

Few moments were as funny as when Crowley’s Scottish son was brought into the present-day and had to adapt to light bulbs and cities. It was an entertaining family reunion, and the fact that it ended with Crowley’s son being saved in the present (possibly altering the past and rhe history of the world) adds to the intrigue.

#5 Dean Kills Abaddon

Dean’s Mark of Cain-enabled super strength was on display as he was able to resist Abaddons demonic powers. He took the First Blade and killed her in epic fashion as he lifted her off the ground. It was a great way to kill off one of the show’s biggest villains.

#4 “Why Is 6 Afraid of 7?”

How could you not love a warehouse booby-trapped with pop culture references? The best was when Cas and Sam had to gain access by answering the riddle “Why is 6 afraid of 7?” Castiel’s answer, “because 7 is a prime number and prime numbers are intimidating,” may be my favorite math joke ever.

#3 Gadreel Sacrifices Himself

Gadreel caused a lot of damage in season 9, so it was nice that he went out a hero, sacrificing himself so Cas could escape from Heaven Jail and stop Metatron.

#2 Dean Dies

We’ve seen Sam or Dean die on multiple occasions, and this was yet another as Dean died in his brothers arms (just like he did at the end of season 3 and just like Sam did at the end of season 2). It was particularly emotional because they’d finally gotten over their fight, with Sam proving that he would, in fact, do everything to save his brother.

#1 Demon Dean

Supernatural loves endings its seasons with one of the two brothers in a terrible situation (Hell, Purgatory, locked in the cage, etc). So it was only fitting that the last shot of season 9 showed Dean coming back from the dead…as a demon!

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