It’s the Supernatural episode seven years in the making! Dean Winchester has always enjoyed beer, and now that love of alcohol comes in handy when the boys face a monster you can only see when you’re drunk. It’s one of those classic Supernatural episodes where we get a fun monster of the week, a great stand-alone case, an amazing guest star thanks to the return of D.J. Qualls, and then a huge shocking twist ending.

The Awesomeness of Garth

The case of a dead kid brings Garth to a small Kansas town. He reminds us why he’s so damn cool quickly, blasting Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” and announcing that the bones of a potential ghost he burns have been “Garthed.” This show hit the freaking jackpot when they cast D.J. Qualls. I’m more than happy to make him the new Rufus and have him show up every now and then.

We also learn that Garth has a “lady friend” with twin girls (which suggests that he’s not with Becky like I thought) and he loves quoting lines from The  Terminator. If that’s not enough, he interrogates kids with the help of a sock puppet named Mr. Fizzles, and that was the funniest thing I’ve seen on this show in a long, long time.

The Japanese Booze Monster

The whole case boils down to a dead brewery co-owner who got pushed out of the company because he didn’t want to sell it. He’s exacting his revenge with the help of a Japanese alcohol spirit that is going after the kids of his co-owners because he viewed the brewery as his baby.

The point is that this Shojo is a Japanese booze monster that you can only see when you’re drunk. Luckily for Garth, he gets buzzed after one beer and loves the taste of wine coolers (I can relate). It’s harder for Dean because he’s such a professional when it comes to drinking that it’s nearly impossible for him to get drunk without dying first.

Dean somehow procures a samurai sword in the middle of the night (seriously, I would LOVE to see how he got his hands on that) while Garth gets drunk and tracks the Shojo to the brewery. Sam shows up drunk as well, leaving Dean as the only sober one, meaning he can’t see it. With an assist from drunk Sam, Dean finally stabs the monster and kills it.

The Return of Bobby

Throughout the episode, Garth notices a strong EMF reading from Bobby’s flask and suggests his ghost is following the boys. Sam admits he tried contacting Bobby, but it didn’t work. Dean is freaked out by all the weird occurrences and moving objects we’ve seen, but Sam attributes it all to their imaginations.

And that’s when we see Bobby! Yes, Jim Beaver is back because Bobby’s ghost really is following the brothers, but they can’t see him. It’s positively heartbreaking to see Bobby looking on, wishing those two idjits would be able to see him.

But I almost don’t care that they don’t see him, because we do. I always knew I missed Jim Beaver on this show, but not until I saw him and gasped did I realize just how much. Sure, Misha Collins is great as Cas, but Bobby is the third star of this show for me, and seeing him again makes me hope and pray that he’s going to be around for a lot longer.

Supernatural is off until April 20, but when it returns, the boys face a monster you can only see when you smoke weed. Just kidding, they visit a ghost house and see Bobby.

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