Now that the good folks at The Vampire Diaries have figured out Alaric’s identity as a secret serial killer, it’s time to get back to those pesky Originals and the various plans to kill them. Will the Salvatores finally beat the Originals? Is the white oak from Wickery Bridge enough to end the reign of terror? Keep reading to find out.

This Is No Time for a Conscience
Elena shows up with food to sustain Alaric through his de-psycho-ization at the Salvatore house. Damon meets her at the door and deflects, but it’s not all because of the romantic tension — it turns out that the boys are making white-oak stakes inside. And they don’t want to tell Elena yet.

The stake-making seems to incite a crisis of conscience in Alaric, who decides to go turn himself in to the law. That doesn’t go over well with the Original-blood thirsty Salvatores. They need their one trained vampire hunter. They also need him wearing that psychosis-inducing magic ring.

Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan.

Elena and Caroline wander through the woods, talking about how Alaric totally killed Caroline’s daddy when psycho. Elena’s consolation for all this is to point out that she wouldn’t have any friends left if she turned her back on the paranormal psychos in her life.

Except Matt, of course, who shows up — along with the Salvatores — in a few minutes. With little explanation, Stefan and Damon present the 12 white-oak stakes and start making no-pity, Original-annihilation plans. This involves a lot of role-playing.

Because Klaus can find anyone anywhere, he tracks down Finn on an urban street and begs the fellow to come back to Mystic Falls. Finn isn’t so interested. Big shock.

This doesn’t really bother Klaus, though, because he’s got Rebekah for back-up. The two soon get Finn back to the Original mansion. Finn isn’t quite as sad as you’d think though, because Sage is waiting on the stairs for her one true love. This makes Finn happy. Rebekah and Klaus are just pleased that they won’t have to bother torturing Finn.

Any Excuse for a Shirtless Damon
Damon hears something amiss in the Salvatore house and goes to investigate. Unfortunately, the something amiss turns out to be Rebekah, who throws Alaric down the stairs and stabs Damon. When next we see the pair, Damon is in chains. Kinky.

Rebekah removes some clothing, pouts about Damon’s (admittedly awful) treatment of her, and starts in on the cutting. She wants to bleed the vervain out of Damon’s system so she can compel him for sex or killing Elena or something like that.

Klaus soon appears to criticize Rebekah’s bleeding methodology, but he can’t stay long. That’s because he has Bonnie in the next room. The Hybrid uses his standard carrot-and-stick methods (“I’ll kill Jeremy and his puppy!” “I can find your mommy!”) to convince Bonnie that she really wants to break the spell linking the Originals.

The shackled, shirtless Damon has meanwhile passed out from blood loss but awakens to see Elena sneak into the room. She frees him and the two stagger down a hallway, only to collapse in front of a fire. As she totally would, Elena offers Damon her wrist for some healing blood. The vampire accepts and the two exchange passionate looks, eventually leading to…

Oh. It was all a dream. Thanks anyway, Rebekah!

Damon is less thankful and gets his retribution by psychoanalyzing Rebekah and her need for attention. She stabs him again. This is probably fair.

The vampire’s scream gives Bonnie a moment of witch-doubt in the next room. Klaus, of course, mocks her emotions, morals and whatnot, reiterating his kill-everyone-she-loves threats. He realizes at this point that Bonnie is totally just stalling and presents the witch with convenient bottles of Original blood so that she can get started with the spell.

Go Scoobies!
The whole, simple “Let’s kill the Originals!” plan quickly gets more complicated. Stefan finds out that Damon has been kidnapped thanks to the not-quite-dead (thanks to either the magic-psycho ring or to pure luck) Alaric. Elena, Caroline and Matt see Finn wandering about the town with Sage. Stefan and Elena quarrel about whether or not to go through with the plan while Damon is in danger (guess which side Elena is on…).

But the plan proceeds (with only a brief interlude in which Caroline and Alaric bond over killing people).

Sage and Finn flirt over tequila shots in the Grille, somehow not noticing Stefan sitting just a few tables away. That all changes when Matt serves the pair a couple of vervain-laced shots, courtesy of Mr. Salvatore.

Stefan ducks out, pursued by Finn and Sage. In the ensuing fight, Stefan loses his white-oak stake and has to be saved by the timely appearance of Elena and Matt and a crossbow.

And so Finn dies. A lot. We’re talking shriveling up and bursting into flames. Bye-bye Finn!

Bye-bye Originals?

The Best-Laid Plans…
After some hardcore chanting and flame-enhancement, Bonnie finishes her spell. Did it work?


Klaus and Rebekah are perfectly fine and their normal, irritable selves. Klaus at least manages to be gracious as he walks Bonnie out the door. He even offers to let her save bloody, shirtless Damon — but only after he reminds her of that time Damon turned Abby into a vampire.

Bonnie leaves.

To give the witch credit, she does immediately call Elena with the news that a) Damon is in chains and b) the binding-spell is kaput. Then she collapses on the driveway for a good cry. Can’t blame her for that.

Let’s Do the Twist
Stefan doesn’t take the news of Klaus’ survival very well. No matter how much Elena insists that attacking the Originals in a blind rage might be a bad idea, Stefan is ready to go.

So it’s probably a good thing that Sage picks this moment to show up for revenge. We are about to witness an epic beat-down, when suddenly everything changes. Without warning and without apparent cause, Sage crumples to the ground along with her vampire henchman. Both proceed to do an excellent imitation of Finn’s demise and are soon gone.

After some pondering and puzzling, Stefan and Elena slowly realize that it’s a bloodline issue: Kill an Original, kill all of the vampires sired in that line. Sage was turned by Finn, so she was doomed as soon as the Original died. This means that killing all of the Originals would be a very, very bad thing for roughly half of the cast of The Vampire Diaries.

In Which the Originals Win Yet Another Round
Blood-drained (and still-shirtless) Damon wakes to see Stefan approaching. This is not what he hoped for, but hey — rescue is rescue. Or is it? Stefan blows all hopes of stealth out of the water by shouting for Klaus and Rebekah to come chat.

Stefan wants to hand over “all” of the stakes in exchange for Damon. The plan doesn’t quite work out as well as hoped, thanks to Damon’s vervain-drain. Klaus compels Damon to first try to rip off his own arm and then to reveal the total number of stakes.

Oh well. That plan was never going to work anyway. Klaus manages to get back one of the three stakes Stefan kept by goading the Salvatore into a fight. Then he and Rebekah hand over Damon in exchange for a promise to deliver the other two.

Emotional Conversations and Another Mini-Twist
The immediate threat to their lives gone, Klaus and Rebekah pause for a moment to remember their fallen brother, Finn. Klaus isn’t exactly sentimental about the brother he kept in a coffin for 900 years, but his callousness bothers Rebekah. Made honest by emotion, Rebekah points out that the Salvatores at least have each other’s backs, while the Originals tend to stick each other in boxes. Klaus shares his plans to skip town — post stake destruction — with Elena in order to make a new hybrid family. Rebekah is not pleased.

Another emotional conversation goes almost as poorly, as Elena and Stefan have their much needed heart-to-heart. Stefan is mostly still super-angry at Klaus for ruining his life, but he does admit his unending love for Elena. Not that this matters, because Elena’s semi-admitted feelings for Damon are still complicating things.

Speaking of Damon, he is carrying out a search-and-destroy mission for those remaining stakes. But when Damon goes to get the one hidden by Alaric, the stake is missing. And Alaric didn’t tell anyone where the stake was hidden.

Psycho Alaric strikes again!

Did you expect the big twist? Where is Alaric’s stake? Which Original sired the line that leads to the Salvatores? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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