Death is rarely permanent on The Vampire Diaries.

In case you had not yet realized this basic fact about the show, the Vampire Diaries season 3 finale has a big reminder for you. One year after her sacrificial death in the Vampire Diaries season 2 finale, Aunt Jenna will return. Kind of. How will she be back? Keep reading to find out.

WARNING: The Vampire Diaries spoilers ahead. Watch out!

A New Way to Come Back from the Dead
Thanks to the regular presence of vampires, ghosts and witches on The Vampire Diaries, death is usually not a permanent state. But in the Vampire Diaries season 2 finale, Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning) met a very final demise at the hands of Klaus. She has definitely been dead since then. So how will Jenna come back?

According to a report from Zap2It, the character of Jenna Sommers will be seen in the flashback episode set to end The Vampire Diaries season 3.

The episode, titled “The Departed,” focuses on the Gilbert family shortly before Grayson and Miranda Gilbert took their fatal plunge off Wickery Bridge. While the Gilbert parents reportedly play only minor roles (with few lines) in the episode, we can expect a fairly extensive look at Aunt Jenna before her life — and death — revolved around Elena and her vampire issues.

Proof of the Title
How do we know the title of the Vampire Diaries season 3 finale? We owe such knowledge to the Twitter feed of one Ian Somerhalder (aka, Damon), in which the actor posted a photo of his finale script cover.


Unfortunately, Somerhalder did not tweet any of the interior contents of this script.

Bonnie and Jeremy?
Probably not. Sorry.

Although Jeremy is set to return to Mystic Falls at some point in the near future, this comeback isn’t likely to spark a romantic reunion. Kat Graham, the actress who plays Bonnie, ambiguously explained the situation to E!Online: “I’m all about the character constantly evolving. Julie Plec talks about the character having layers and anything that progresses [Bonnie] forward and you’re able to see more dimensions, I think that’s good. If it brings out a different side of Bonnie, then yes. If not, then let’s just move on.”

What this seems to mean (but might not — who knows with The Vampire Diaries?) is that Bonnie and Jeremy won’t be happening again unless there’s an awfully good reason.

At least this doesn’t rule out a future relationship?

Are you looking forward to seeing Aunt Jenna again? What do you want from the Vampire Diaries season 3 finale? Leave your comments below!

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