Get ready to cry, One Tree Hill fans, because the series finale is almost here. On Wednesday, April 4, the CW says goodbye to the show with a special two-hour finale. The episode (number 187) will certainly be a bittersweet farewell to the show, its characters and its locations.

In this special preview from creator Mark Schwahn, it’s clear that every moment will be packed with a warm send-off for the people and the sets, particularly Tric and the River Court. This video also has a cute overload with Jamie and Logan playing together in Karen’s Cafe.

In addition, here’s a clip from the episode where Julian shows Brooke the set for the Unkindness of Ravens TV show. They recreated Peyton’s bedroom perfectly, and for the hardcore fans, Julian even redid Brooke’s wish list of boyfriends on Peyton’s closet door (which she wrote back at the start of season 3), only Peyton’s dad’s name was replaced with Julian’s.

The One Tree Hill series finale is destined to be a heartwarming night of television and, based on these videos, it will be for all of the fans who’ve stood by the show for nine years, from high school to adulthood, from love triangles to crazy nannies.

The One Tree Hill series finale airs Wednesday at 8pm.

(Image and videos courtesy of the CW)

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