In the first half of the two-hour Supernatural season finale, the boys get a little distracted from the mission to stop Crowley and Castiel open the door to Purgatory. Crowley kidnaps Dean’s ex-girlfriend Lisa and her kid Ben, making Dean go on a one-man mission of destruction. But that’s not the only ex-girlfriend in the episode, because it turns out one of Bobby’s former romances was a lot older than she said. Like, 900 years older.

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Supernatural also adds a new mystery element with the introduction of famed horror writer H.P. Lovecraft in 1937, a man who wrote a lot about opening doors to other dimensions, like Purgatory. In the past we see a mysterious figure crash through his window and kill him, which might finally start to explain why the opening credits for season 6 feature shattered glass.

Dean’s Ex: Lisa

He was onto something, but the brothers can’t worry about that right now. Some demons break into Lisa’s house, kill her new boyfriend (because no man can replace Dean) and Ben calls up Dean to ask for help. But before he can escape, Ben is captured by none other than Crowley,

Sam and Dean try contacting Balthazar for info, but he knows nothing, not even that Cas and Crowley are working together. As always, Balthazar is sporting an insanely deep V-neck t-shirt, showing off the best man cleavage on TV.

Dean then goes blind with rage and embarks on a bad-ass demon-killing spree. One almost gets him, but Castiel, who is just as upset over Crowley’s latest plan to distract the Winchesters as they are, saves him. Dean wants nothing to do with Cas, but luckily, Balthazar had a change of heart after not liking Castiel’s plan so he sides with Team Winchester and helps them track Lisa and Ben.

Once there, Dean goes on his second demon-killing spree of the episode before finding Lisa and Ben. The hero saves the day! Except for the fact that Lisa is now possessed by a demon.

She fights Dean, but he refuses and instead starts the exorcism spell. Demon Lisa stabs herself, trying to kill the meat suit, but Dean finishes the exorcism anyway and then saves her by using Ben as his backup. There’s a lot of great family drama going on this scene, most of it around Ben’s apprehension about killing demons while Dean thinks it’s no big deal.

In the end, though Lisa is dying, Cas shows up to save her. But that’s not all he does. At Dean’s request, Cas makes Lisa and Ben completely forget about Dean so that they can go back to leading normal lives. Jensen Ackles does a tremendous job of showing happiness and sadness simultaneously over having to say goodbye to two people he loved, even though it’s for the best.

Sam expresses concerns that wiping their memories is a bad thing, which is a valid concern, but Dean says that if he ever mentions Lisa and Ben again, he’ll break Sam’s nose.

Bobby’s Ex: Dr. Visyak

While the boys deal with Lisa and Ben, Bobby tracks down info on H.P. Lovecraft’s final days and learns he and some others opened a door to another dimension and let some evil invisible creature through. Bobby finds the son of Lovecraft’s housekeeper who show’s him a picture that triggers some memories.

The housekeeper was possessed by the monster that came through from Purgatory, and it’s none other than Bobby’s former special lady friend, dragon expert Dr. Visyak! Woo hoo, I knew that character was too damn awesome to be a one-episode wonder.

Bobby finds her and learns that even though she’s from Purgatory, she doesn’t want the door opened again because she likes this world as it is.

Later at night, Cas finally puts the pieces together, finds Dr. Visyak and takes her away. So in the first episode of Supernatural‘s two-hour season 6 finale, both the exes get taken away. Now click HERE to read about the shocking second half of the season 6 finale.

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