Alright, Bones fans, I don’t know about you, but I still can’t get over the fact that Broadsky shot Vincent Nigel-Murray in last week’s episode, “The Hole in the Heart,” and I can’t believe we won’t be seeing him anymore.

Since he was beloved by us all and was most everyone’s favorite Squintern, I know several of you were upset by his death and subsequent departure from the show and were questioning why the writers would do such a thing.

Well, for those of you who don’t already know, allow me to take this time to explain it.

As we all saw from his incredible performance last week, Ryan Cartwright, the actor who plays Vincent Nigel-Murray, is fabulously talented, and as such, he booked a role in the new series Alphas which was picked up by SyFy.

The show, which is set to premiere on July 11, is described as an action-packed thriller which features five people with superhuman physical and mental abilities as they investigate and solve crimes committed by people with similar abilities to their own.

Now, having known about this for quite some time, Hart Hanson spoke out about Cartwright’s departure at the recent Paley Center panel for Bones.

He said, “The truth is he got a job. We knew [his exit] would happen before the end of this season, so the story has been in the works for a while. We knew that one of our squints, who are [played by] very, very talented actors, would get a job.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Cartwright’s departure or the loss of his character wasn’t hard for Hanson or the rest of the cast. In fact, Emily Deschanel had a few thoughts of her own to share at the Paley event.

Specifically, she confessed, “It’s just so heartbreaking. You love the character. You love the actor. I think he’s so talented.” Well, I don’t think we could agree more.

The fact is that Vincent positively lit up every episode he was in and provided us with so many great and hilarious moments that I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on a few of them from this season.

First, I thoroughly enjoyed his appearance in “The Babe in the Bar” in which he tells Brennan about his record breaking Daily Double win on Jeopardy, and then she asks him if that was the game he was playing while she was away.

Cam jumps in, however, to tell Brennan that it’s more than just a game and that Vincent won almost a million dollars.

Of course, Vincent’s response to this is hilarious as he says, “Which, after travel and an over-indulgent lifestyle, the occasional game of chance and a little stint in rehab, I no longer possess.” Oh Vincent.

Perhaps my favorite Vincent Nigel-Murray appearance this season though came in “The Truth in the Myth,” the episode in which Vincent believes a myth debunker with his own TV show was killed by the legendary Chupacabra. ¬†

But this wasn’t the best part. While inspecting the remains with Cam and Hodgins, Vincent announces that he is currently participating in Alcoholics Anonymous due to his unfortunate downward spiral in the aftermath of his Jeopardy win.

He tells them that he’s currently on Step 9 of 12 which consists of him making amends to the people he’s harmed while he was drinking, and he starts off with Hodgins, confessing that he urinated in his tadpole tank.

Before he can get to Cam, however, he begins to smell the alcohol that they use to sanitize their tools in, and Cam is forced to take it away from him. I laughed so hard at that!

Yet, Cam does allow him to apologize to her after that, and he confesses to having stolen three coupons out of her desk drawer. But, knowing Vincent, there’s more.

He also confesses to having told some of his friends in paleontology that he and Cam “enjoyed a passionate and extremely gymnastic sexual relationship,” and apparently, he told similar stories about both Angela and Brennan.

When apologizing to Brennan, he first tells her that he borrowed her iguana and wore it as a hat to a party, and then he confesses to spreading a rumor that they were lovers and were each other’s “sexual playthings.”

In an unfortunate blow to Vincent’s ego, however, Brennan begins to laugh quite hysterically at the complete absurdity of that ever happening, and when Vincent claims that stranger things have happened, she says that she can’t think of any. Poor Vincent!

What’s more, Hodgins gets back at him for the rumor he spread about him and Angela by putting black paint around the rim of the microscope lenses and then having Vincent look into it. He comes up looking like a raccoon but has absolutely no idea!

Now, speaking of Hodgins, I don’t think he and Vincent could possibly have been any funnier together. Take last week’s “The Hole in the Heart” for instance.

Before tragedy struck, Vincent and Hodgins squared off in an arm-wrestling match between man and dinosaur. And thanks to Hodgins’ strength and mainly the T. rex’s rigid bone structure, man emerged victorious.

Still, despite the initial hilarity of this episode, I think it will always be remembered for the shocking death of Vincent Nigel-Murray, and I know that I speak for everyone when I say that we will never forget him or his insightful factoids.

Although he will be sorely missed, Ryan Cartwright and Bones writers, thank you for giving us such an amazing character who it has been an absolute pleasure to watch for the past two seasons now.

Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray, may you forever rest in peace.

And now Bones fans, don’t forget to watch the Season 6 finale tonight and be sure to check out this tribute video a fan made.

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Nicole Bessette

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