That was the sound of lives imploding. While not as showy as last season’s finale, “Unaccompanied Minor” still managed to upend the lives of Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Owen and Alex in spectacular fashion. Head still spinning? Mine too. Let’s get to it.


I wonder if Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes is fully aware of how many ticked off MerDer shippers are out there in the world. I mean, really. She finally marries her iconic couple legally (vs. by Post-It, for those of you who have been living on Mars), and all of the stars align for them to adopt what is possibly the cutest baby on planet Earth. So, of course, something has to go horribly wrong. In this case it’s the little matter that Derek finds out that Meredith tampered with the Alzheimer’s clinical trial. And quicker than you can say summer hiatus, Derek needs “space” and Meredith is taking Zola home all by her lonesome.

While I know that some fans will defend Meredith with their dying breath, I happen to think that what she did in the trial, however well-intentioned, was wrong. There are too many consequences for too many people as a result. Having said that, Derek needs to snap out of it. The Post-It vows clearly say no leaving. I call Post-It.


Meanwhile, my beloved Cristina Yang finds herself accidentally pregnant. Again. I mean, seriously. The woman only has one working fallopian tube. And given how adamant she is about NOT becoming a mother, I’m sure she’s using birth control. Yes, I know, birth control sometimes fails. Whatever. Remember when I said last week that I’m rarely surprised? This is Exhibit A. With all of the baby anvils dropping from the sky all season I completely predicted a Cristina pregnancy. What I didn’t predict was the fallout. Be still my Cristina-Owen lovin’ heart. Breathe. Just breathe.

True to expectations, Cristina doesn’t want the baby while Owen does. I think the man gets credit for keeping his clear joy under control. He really tempered his response to the news so as not to freak Cristina out, asking only that his feelings as least be considered. Alas, that didn’t happen. As Owen kept trying to reach some sort of compromise, Cristina wasn’t having it. By the end of the episode, she scheduled an abortion and Owen kicked her out of their firehouse. So now the CO shippers are apoplectic, too.

Now, personally, I’m not even going to bother calling this a breakup, because I think this couple is too strong and has been through too much to stay apart for long. Having said that, Cristina is right in that you can’t have half a baby. So I’m very curious to see how this all works out and if Cristina will truly go through with the abortion or not.

I’m hoping not. I absolutely agree that it’s perfectly fine for a woman to not want to be a mother. But Owen does have a point. This is no longer just a hypothetical situation. Cristina may not want a baby but she has one. Will GA really show a happily married woman aborting a child for the sake of her career? Or because she’s afraid? Or because she just doesn’t want a baby? Only time will tell.

Alex and the Rest of the Gang

Oh, Alex. You let something really big slip while drunk and not it’s come back to bite you. While I think you were absolutely right from a professional standpoint, your friendship with Meredith may never be the same. You lost chief resident. The other residents hate you. And, once again, you have no girlfriend. GA writers, please take note. Karev deserves some happiness in season 8.

In other news, Miranda and Eli are moving forward in their relationship. Teddy chose Henry. Callie and Arizona were barely onscreen (which is OK because, frankly, they dominated the middle section of the season). Mark and Lexie are finally over for real. I think. I hope. Because she’s better with Jackson. Really. And April’s Chief Resident!

Season End Wrap Party

So what do YOU think? Will Meredith and Derek work things out? How about Cristina and Owen? Will Alex ever find some lasting happiness? And is there really a reason that Teddy is still on this show? We’ll find out in the fall. See you then.

All-new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy will air in September 2011 on ABC.

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