Sam and Dean have died on Supernatural. A lot. But this season, a new reaper has promised that they don’t get any more second chances now that Death is dead, so if they die, it’s for real.

So when Sam gets shot in the gut, that issue is put to the test. Does Sam die? And can Dean talk his way out of Billie the Reaper’s ultimatum? Luckily the answer to both questions is the same.

Sam Is Dead

Like last week, this episode plays around with the traditional structure of Supernatural. It starts with the big fight as Sam and Dean battle a pair of werewolves. Before they win, one of them shoots Sam in the stomach. The action moves forward from there, intercut with scenes of how the brothers found the case in the first place.

Since they’re in a cabin in the middle of the woods, Dean, a wounded Sam and the two captives, a married couple named Corbin and Michelle, try to run away from the rest of the werewolf pack. Dean refuses to leave Sam behind, so Corbin decides to smother Sam while Dean is outside, killing him so that Dean will finally help them escape.

Dean is understandably sad, but as he mentioned last week, seeing his dead brother doesn’t completely destroy him. He agrees to run to save the couple since the other werewolves are coming and they make it back to a hospital.

Dean Tries to Save Sam

At the hospital, Dean temporarily kills himself so he can bargain with Billie the Reaper to save Sam. Billie refuses to bargain no matter what, once again insisting that there are no more second chances for the Winchesters when it comes to death. But the twist is that Sam ISN’T dead. He’s still alive, barely, at the cabin. Luckily, the doctor is able to bring Dean back to life before he gets reaped.

Sam Is NOT Dead

If anyone doubts what a total bad-ass Sam Winchester is, he’s able to kill the two werewolves chasing after him while he’s struggling with a gunshot to his gut. Then he takes their truck to the Impala and drives it back to the hospital. Hopefully Dean will forgive Sam for driving his baby and getting blood all over the seats.

Also, Corbin was bitten by a werewolf, turns and attacks Dean. But, of course, Sam shows up just in time to kill that bastard who tried to kill him. Seriously, how is Sam so damn indestructible?

In the aftermath, Dean realizes just how much he needs his brother and, true to form, he doesn’t tell Sam about his attempted suicide and talk with Billie. Almost nine years after Sam was shot at the end of season 2, Dean STILL hasn’t learned his lesson about the dangers of sacrifice. And he never will.

Next week on Supernatural: Amara tries to delete the universe while Casifer tries to take over Heaven.

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