ABC’s Once Upon a Time has many happy couples in Storybrooke. When the source material of the show almost always ends with “they lived happily ever after” it is a given that there is going to be some coupling on the show. The best Once Upon a Time couple though has no basis in fairy tales or previous history. Regina and Robin are a couple that is entirely created for the series and hands down the best one around. Many couples are looking for their happily ever after but Regina and Robin are the only ones who truly deserve it.

They Have a Sense of Destiny

Snow and Charming have this, or at least they used to, simply because they are Snow White and Prince Charming. It is basically preordained that they would end up together because they are one of the most popular couples in fiction, if not the most popular couple. Regina and Robin Hood do not have that advantage. Besides maybe some weird fan fiction, there is no history of the Evil Queen of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs falling hopelessly in love with Robin Hood, the Prince of Thieves. Yet Once Upon a Time has made Regina and Robin feel as inevitable as any other storybook romance. 

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Some of this is due the insane chemistry of the actors and characters. A lot of it has to do with how the story has been crafted. When it was revealed in a flashback that Regina had a second chance at love with a man with a lion tattoo, fans were anticipating the mystery man’s entrance. When Robin was finally fully revealed he was everything that fans, and Regina, could have hoped to find. 


Regina and Robin’s connection was immediate and strong. Since it was already seeded, there was already a sense of history from their first meeting. The sense of destiny also fits with their on-again and off-again relationship. Some of the break-ups have been initiated by Regina or Robin but it is usually due to outside circumstances. The universe of Once Upon a Time finds ways of breaking them apart but it always brings them back together.  

They Challenge One Another

Regina and Robin aren’t the only Storybrooke couple that challenge each other to be better but they are the best possible version. Belle saw the good in Rumple and Emma made Hook want to be a better man, but it is only Regina and Robin who have been the most consistent in keeping each other on the side of the angels. It’s true that Regina was on the way to redemption before she ever met Robin. She “didn’t need a man” to make her a better woman but Robin certainly cemented that change in Regina. It is Robin’s belief and love in Regina that, even more than Henry’s, keeps her from dipping her toe back into evil waters.


Sometimes though it can be lost how much Regina has helped Robin become a better person. When Robin was first introduced on Once Upon a Time he was essentially a gruff hermit. He was living in the woods outside of Storybrooke. He wasn’t interested in interacting with anyone but his own men and was honestly pretty rude. Regina brought Robin out of that rough shell. Regina gave him a second chance at family and happiness after he lost his wife Marian. The Evil Queen and Robin Hood are an undeniably an odd couple but it is because of this oddity that they work. They are just different enough that they are able to challenge one another to be different people, better people. 

They Complement One Another 

On the other side of the proverbial coin, Regina and Robin complement one another better than any other Once Upon a Time couple. They are a partnership in every sense of the word. Regina and Robin both have qualities that the other lacks. Robin has this morality and innate sense of selflessness. He is, after all, famous for taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Regina on the other hand has a bleeding heart. She feels emotions deeply whether it be rage, love or envy. Robin has a tendency to cling to his morality and code. Regina will lose herself in her emotions. Together they balance one another out. 


It should also be mentioned that they have equal but different skills as fighters. Granted in Once Upon a Time, magic users are basically gods. There is very little that Regina can’t do with her magic but she has never been a good fighter with weapons. Regina has magic but Robin is very accomplished with a bow. Once Upon a Time isn’t very heavy on the action but fight scenes do occur. Regina and Robin have the ability to be a real dynamic duo unlike some other couples. 

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They are a Family

Robin’s son Roland is seen very rarely on Once Upon a Time. Somehow though, Regina and Robin feel like the ultimate family unit. Robin has had very few one on one scenes with Henry but it is clear that he cares for Henry very deeply. The same goes for Regina with Robin’s children. 


The baby mama drama in the beginning season 5 with Zelena tricking Robin into impregnating was equal parts silly and gross. It did however do wonders for showing how deep the love between Regina and Robin was able to go. There was never a second when Regina wasn’t invested in Robin’s baby being born, even if it meant that Zelena would be the mother.  

Eventually Regina did banish her sister to Oz and effectively take her daughter away from her but Regina made sure that the baby was healthy, safe and with Robin before it happened. Like all families Robin and Regina look out for one another. They put each other’s happiness first. This doesn’t make them unique on Once Upon a Time but it also doesn’t make it any less important. 

But what do you think? Are Regina and Robin the best couple in Storybrooke? Do you enjoy another couple more? Who is your favorite Once Upon a Time couple?

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Once Upon a Time season 5 airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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