Once Upon a Time season 5 continues with an episode that focuses on Hook’s relationship with his brother and his journey to forgiveness. Meanwhile, Henry decides to embrace his power, Charming has an interesting encounter with Cruella, and the heroes discover something that could help them defeat Hades. Take a look back at the most notable moments from episode 15, “The Brothers Jones.”

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Henry and Cruella Team Up

Henry apparently accepted Cruella’s deal to help her get out of the Underworld in order to save his mother’s soul. To that end, Henry and Cruella go in search of the Author’s pen. On their journey, Henry is approached by the Apprentice who confirms that the quill can be used to bring someone back from the dead, but he warns Henry not to use it to resurrect Cruella. Henry says he wants the pen for himself because he is tired of sitting on the sidelines. The Apprentice tells Henry that he can find the quill in the Sorcerer’s mansion, but he will need to get the key from the sheriff, aka Charming’s evil twin brother.

Hook Reunites with His Brother

ouat 515 hook liam reunion.jpgLiam claims he does not know why he is still trapped in the Underworld, but Hook thinks it is because Hades has the game rigged so they have to destroy him in order to free everyone. Liam tells them about a book rumored to have the power to defeat Hades and Emma assumes it’s a storybook like Henry’s. If the book contains a story about Hades, they may be able to use it to find his weakness.

Liam Has Some Harsh Words for Emma

Liam confronts Emma about the choices she made that led to Hook ending up in the Underworld. Liam says that his brother has been fighting against the darkness for all his life and Emma was selfish when she turned him into the Dark One in order to save him. Emma argues that she came to the Underworld to rescue Hook, but Liam wonders if that choice isn’t also about her. Liam says that if they defeat Hades, Hook will have another chance to move on so Emma should stop thinking about what she wants and let Hook go. I don’t like Liam, but he’s not entirely wrong here. Emma was selfish to save Hook by turning him into the Dark One against his express wish that she let him die a hero. Emma’s choice in that moment wasn’t about what was right for Hook – it was about what she wanted. I can understand why Emma made that choice — she didn’t want to lose yet another person she loves — but that doesn’t change the fact that it was a selfish decision.

“I still owe him a punch in his pretty mouth for kissing me.”

ouat 515 charmings about james.jpgCharming: “Well, it’s time for my brother and me to have an overdue chat.”
Snow: “Well, you won’t be alone. I still owe him a punch in his pretty mouth for kissing me.”
Charming: “He kissed you?”
Snow: “Thought it was you.”

— Snow and Charming discuss James

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Charming Poses as His Brother

ouat 515 charming cruella.jpgSnow and Charming head to the sheriff’s office to get the key, but before they can leave, Cruella shows up looking for James. Charming tells Snow to go and then pretends to be his brother so Cruella will not figure out what they are up to. Eventually, Cruella takes the act a little too far and Charming has to put a stop to it. Cruella then reveals that she knew it was Charming the whole time, and she tells Charming that James considers him the reason he is trapped in the Underworld because their mother chose to keep Charming instead of James.

Regina and Emma Have a Heart-to-Heart

ouat 515 regina advice emma.jpgEmma tells Regina that Hook wants her to let him go and Regina offers Emma some advice. Regina says that forgiving yourself is often the hardest thing to do, and that if Emma really wants to help Hook, she should help him forgive himself. (Honestly, it seems like that advice could apply to most of the souls in the Underworld.) This is a nice character moment for Regina, and I love scenes like this where Emma and Regina get to be supportive of one another.

Liam Betrays the Heroes

Hades gets wind of the heroes’ plan to find the storybook, so he goes to Liam for help. He tells Liam to find the book and destroy the pages about him. If Liam doesn’t, Hades threatens to tell Hook the real reason Liam has been unable to move on from the Underworld. Once the group gets to the Sorcerer’s mansion, Liam makes sure he finds the storybook before the heroes can. Liam then gives the heroes the book, but only after ripping out the pages about Hades. Emma is automatically suspicious that Liam was the one who removed the pages, but Hook refuses to believe his brother would do such a thing.

Liam Makes a Deal with Hades

In a series of flashbacks, we see Hook and his brother during their days of servitude to a ship’s captain. When the captain intends to drive the crew into a hurricane in order to retrieve something called the Eye of the Storm, Hook and his brother stage a mutiny to take the ship. Not long after, Liam is approached by Hades. Hades tells Liam that if he lets the ship sink during the hurricane, Hades will make sure Liam and Hook survive. Hades also gives him the infamous Eye of the Storm, aka the means to achieve a career in the navy. Liam agrees to the deal and damns the rest of his crew to the Underworld.

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Hook Learns the Truth About His Brother

Emma tries to get Liam to come clean about the lies he’s been telling his brother, but Hook interrupts their conversation. After Emma leaves, Hook learns that she was right about his brother stealing the pages. Once the dead men from their former crew arrive, Hook also learns that his brother made a deal with Hades both in the past and in the present. Hook is horrified by the actions of his “heroic” brother and the dead crew members decide to punish both brothers for what Liam did.

Liam Finally Does Something Right

ouat 515 hook liam goodbye.jpgHades interrupts the crew’s attempt to murder Hook and Liam, but decides to kill Hook himself. Liam finally stands up to Hades and refuses to let him kill Hook. Hades then knocks Liam into the flames of the Underworld, though Hook and Liam are able to make peace before Liam falls his to “death.” Only instead of going someplace worse, Liam’s sacrifice somehow resolves his unfinished business and he is able to leave the Underworld with all of the souls he once damned. Liam asks Hook to come along, but Hook realizes he still has his own unfinished business to deal with. The brothers part on good terms and Hook decides that he wants a future in the real world with Emma.

Charming Helps Henry Open Up to His Family

ouat 515 charming family henry.jpgWhile his family is busy looking for the storybook, Henry heads off alone and finds the quill. Back at the loft, Charming goes to talk to Henry after Emma and Regina tell him that Henry is moping. Charming and Henry have a chat about how lucky Henry is to have the support of his family, and Henry decides to tell them everything. Henry reveals his “deal” with Cruella and admits that he wanted the pen so he can be a hero in his own right. But now that Henry understands how much power he has, he knows he has to do the right thing. Henry decides to use the quill to write the stories as they really are — starting with Hades’ story.

What Is Hades’ Connection to Zelena?

ouat 515 hades zelena secret.jpgIn the episode’s closing scene, we see Hades with the pages Liam tore out of the book. One of those pages shows Hades with Zelena, and Hades seems relived that the secret he shares with Zelena has not been revealed. What secret do Hades and Zelena share, and why is Hades so determined to keep the heroes from discovering it?

Once Upon a Time season 5 airs Sunday nights at 8pm on ABC.

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