It might still be relatively early in the year but TV is already planning ahead. Many series are preparing to finish up their season which began in the fall, while other revival series are getting their feet off the ground and there’s even more prepared planning for next fall. This means that a lot of casting news is being reported and finalized. Here are just some of the biggest stories. The Gilmore Girls and Prison Break revival casts are growing. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Quantico are casting important familial figures. Supergirl is looking for a leader and Mr. Robot for some more anarchists. 

Quantico Casts Shelby’s Mysterious Parents

Quantico is adding two big family members for one of their characters. Shelby’s previous assumed dead parents, have joined the series for a multi-episode arc. TVLIne reports that Shelby’s mother, Laura will be played by Kelly Rutherford. Shelby’s father, Glenn, will be played by Kevin Kilner. As recently revealed in Quantico Laura and Glenn faked their deaths in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and have been in hiding ever since. 

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Casts Garrett’s Wife

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders might have just started but the cast is already growing. TVLIne reports Sherry Stringfield of ER fame will be playing Karen Garrett, wife to Gary Sinise’s Jack Garrett. Karen is described as dedicated and supportive and will serve as mother to the couple’s five children. 

Supergirl Casts a Wonderful Commander-in-Chief

Season 2 of Supergirl has yet to be announced but the team is already prepping. The executive producers of the series commented that they had a role for the original TV Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter in season 1. They just couldn’t work out the scheduling. Carter will reportedly appear (according to Entertainment Weekly) in season 2 of the series and she will play the president of the United States.

Gilmore Girls Revival Casting

The ever-expanding cast of the Gilmore Girls revival is getting even bigger. The mini-sequel series with see two reunions both of the on-camera and behind the scenes variety. According to a recent Instagram post by actor John Cabrera, the fictional band Hep Alien will be making a comeback on the revival. At the very least the members of the band will appear together. The photo which is embedded below shows Cabrera with fellow co-stars Keiko Agena, Todd Lowe and Sebastian Bach on the Gilmore Girls set. 

Four people who have been trying to get in another shot together for almost a decade. #ilovethesekids

A photo posted by John Cabrera (@unboiled) on Mar 25, 2016 at 12:52am PDT

That’s just one reunion that will happen on the revival. According to TVLine there will also be another reunion from Lauren Graham’s other family drama, Parenthood. Mae Whitman, who played Graham’s daughter on that series, will make a brief cameo in the revival in a fun “mystery role”.

Mr. Robot Adds More Season 2 Characters

Mr. Robot, one of the best shows on TV, is adding more characters to its season 2 cast, TVLine reports. First up is Sandrine Holt who will be playing Susan Jacobs. Holt was most recently seen on TV in Fear the Walking Dead and in Mr. Robot she will be playing a member on the Evil Corp General Counsel. 

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Holt will be joined, and likely be in an adversarial role, to several other new characters and actors. They include Craig Robinson’s Ray and Ray’s associate, Lone Star, who is played by Michael Maize. Luke Robertson will be playing Ray’s acquaintance and worker in IT, “RT.” It is highly likely that all of these characters will connect or be involved with fsociety in some way. The “family” of fsociety will get a tiny bit bigger for sure because Dorothi Fox is joining season 2 as Romero’s protective mother. 

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Prison Break Revival Grows Larger

Another of TV’s big revival series has added some memorable faces from the past, as well as one brand new one. TVLine reports that Paul Adelstein will reprise his role as Paul Kellerman on the nine episode revival. Adelstein joins two other returning cast members, Robert Knepper and Rockmond Dunbar. According to TV Guide the actors better known to the Prison Break audience as T-Bag and Franklin will also return. These Prison Break veterans will be joined by newcomer Inbar Lavi. TVLine reports that Lavi has a “key role” in the revival. She will play Sheba a woman of many talents and occupations. She will somehow get involved with Lincoln during the series. 

Brienne of Tarth Leaving Game of Thrones?

Gwendoline Christie’s character Brienne might still be alive on the bloody Game of Thrones but it may not be for much longer. According to TVLine Christie has joined season 2 of SundanceTV’s Top of the Lake in a “major role.” Little else is known about the character and while Top of the Lake also has an abbreviated season like Game of Thrones, it might be cause of concern. Christie is also set to reprise her role as Captain Phasma in the next Star Wars film and is promised to have a much more screentime than her disappointing debut.  

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