The Winchesters (and viewers) are slowly learning more about Amara on Supernatural. The Darkness is now a tween girl sucking souls left and right. In this episode, Sam and Dean find a case that turns out to involve Amara, allowing them to find out a little more about her plans and abilities.

We still don’t really know what Amara’s endgame is or what she is, but just like Winter on Game of Thrones, she’s coming.

The Lizzie Borden Case

Two youngsters are killed in the childhood home of Lizzie Borden, the famous kid who allegedly whacked her family to death with an ax. The house is now a museum and a B&B. The case is thin, but Sam is desperate to investigate because of his serial killer obsession, which is a nice recurring character trait.

The boys arrive, but quickly realize that the house is a hoax and a tourist trap, rigged with fake noises and flickering lights. However, there are still another two unsolved ax murders. Dean follows up on a weird, Lizzie-obsessed superfan named Len who points the boys in a new direction.

The Darkness Is Coming

Len drew the Darkness symbol because he met Amara outside of Lizzie’s house. Dean learns that not only is Amara in town, but she’s 12-years-old now and she removed Len’s soul.

It seems the ax murders are being committed by a babysitter whose soul was sucked out by Amara. Interestingly, before Amara took her soul she seemed to remove her pain and mentioned something about not being a “winged suck-up.” I guess Amara is a goddess (my theory is something akin to God’s kid sister).

Sam and Dean are on the case, but get captured by the babysitter. She ties them up and they’re saved by soulless Len, who puts an ax in the back of the ax murderer. As she dies, she warns that “The Darkness is coming” and that it’s peaceful.

In the aftermath, soulless Len confesses to Dean that he doesn’t feel bad for killing the babysitter and he feels like he will kill again. He turns himself in for all of the murders so he’s locked up and can’t hurt anyone. Losing your soul doesn’t mean you can’t try to do the right thing, and Len’s story strikes a chord with Dean who is having problems with Sam’s “no killing” policy.

As the boys drive away, Amara walks out of the trees and says that she’ll be seeing Dean soon, like some tween girl stalking One Direction.

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