Patterson might have broken up with him, but I doubt “Sent on Tour” was David’s swan song on Blindspot. Since his very first episode something about this geeky character has not rubbed me the right way. It’s not just because he gets to date the delightful Patterson either. There’s something about David and that something might just be that he is secretly evil.

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David Is TOO Normal

I’m not alone in thinking there is something off with David. In an Entertainment Weekly interview, executive producer and creator of NBC’s Blindspot, Martin Gero was asked if David could be trusted. In typical TV boss fashion, Gero gave a cryptic non-answer which basically amounted to everyone on Blindspot is suspicious. Even if this is a stock answer, it is illuminating because David hasn’t been presented as anything other than a civilian. If there is anyone who should be automatically trusted it should be very normal David. Yet it is his normalcy that David is the most suspicious. 

David isn’t the only character on Blindspot that doesn’t work for, or isn’t directly connected to, a government agency. There is the obvious example of Weller’s sister and his nephew. We’ve even seen Zapata’s life outside the FBI and discovered her gambling issues. In both cases the introduction of civilian characters has directly served the plot. Weller’s family existed to assuage (some) fears that he is not a robot wearing a human skin. The scenes of Zapata being in debt existed to set up her turning double agent and telling Carter about Jane. There is really no bigger plot-related reason for David to exist, at least not yet.

It’s true that David has helped solved some of Jane’s tattoo riddles but Patterson doesn’t need a great deal of help in that regard. If Patterson doesn’t figure out a tattoo on Jane’s body, there’s no episode. David’s main reason for existence seems to be giving us a new-ish side of Patterson outside the lab and her work. This decision isn’t exactly objectionable but it does seem odd since Blindspot‘s main focus is the government espionage and mystery solving. There is very little focus on just the home life of the characters. David is an outlier and outlier are never good in the spy world. 

What Else Could David Do for a Living?

David also seems WAY too interested in Jane’s tattoos. David is a stereotypical nerdy character, or at least he is playing at being one. So it’s not too much of a stretch to think that a geeky guy is into puzzles. All David seems to do though in his appearances is obsess over Jane’s tattoos. 

David might have a job and Blindspot might have mentioned what he does for a living but I can’t remember it. Whether he is employed or not, David seems to have an inordinate amount of time on his hands to hang out at his girlfriend’s apartment working on her super-secret spy stuff. Unless of course that is actually David’s job to infiltrate Patterson’s life and find out everything he can about Jane Doe. 

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Patterson Is the Perfect Leak

As adorable and likable a character as Patterson is, she is the best possible leak on the team. Patterson is a lot more trusting and compassionate than anyone else in the FBI. She is super smart and capable but in terms of secret-keeping, Patterson is the least secure. Weller is a closed off robot. Reade gives everyone a funny look who so much as sneezes wrong. Zapata’s somewhat more compassionate but far too prickly to trust anyone easily. Mayfair probably lives her whole life in her glass office. If someone was looking to get on the inside of the Jane Doe team Patterson would be their best chance. 

Blindspot uses a lot of typical spy and action movie tropes. An unexpected betrayal from a sleeper agent is one of the biggest tropes. Blindspot let on in the pilot that there was more to Mayfair than meets the eye. Mayfair has dangerous secrets of her own but already these have come more or less to light. Mayfair is deceptive but she seems to have good intentions and is far from a snake in the grass. David is the perfect “true” rat on the inside.

David is outwardly likable, nonthreatening and matched up with the most likable character on Blindspot, Patterson. It doesn’t matter to me that Mayfair said David was vetted and cleared of being a spy in “Sent on Tour”. The real story of David has yet to unravel and I have a feeling it won’t be a pleasant one. But what do you think? Is David secretly a spy for the bad guys? Or might be working for? Is it Carter or someone even more sinister? Or is he really as harmless as he seems?

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