Ever since his unexpected disappearance in the season 3 finale, Peter Bishop’s absence from Fringe has been the major topic on the minds of most fans. Does Peter **really not exist in Fringe season 4? If he exists, but no one remembers him, how will he come back? What does any of this mean for the fates of the warring universes?

A new video released by FOX doesn’t really answer any of these questions. But it does indicate that we will at least be getting Peter back. And soon.

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The new video, cleverly titled “Here is Peter Bishop” (in contrast to earlier, “Where is Peter Bishop” videos), lasts for less than a minute and mostly contains dialog heard on already-aired episodes of Fringe season 4. And yet it still manages to tease a whole lot.

Check it out below:

Trippy, huh?

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In terms of the originality of this video, I’m not even totally sure that the image of Peter, slowly turning to the camera, is new. He seems to be wearing some sort of hospital attire (something medical, blue and tied in the back anyway), which could certainly be a callback to earlier seasons. After all, everybody on Fringe has ended up hospitalized at least occasionally.

If it is new, then why is Peter hospitalized? How is he hospitalized? And how did Peter even claw his way back into existence after being erased from the universe’s space and time?

Hopefully Fringe will answer these questions as season 4 goes on. Because this video sure doesn’t.

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Do you expect Peter Bishop to return to Fringe season 4 soon? How will he come back? What will be the other characters’ reactions to him? Tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments section below!

(Image and video courtesy of FOX)

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