Supernatural has a lot going on in season 13 with the arrival of Jack and the introduction of Apocalypse. But one of the other subplots is the formation of the Wayward Sisters, the potential Supernatural spinoff centered on Sheriff Jody Mills raising a new generation of female Hunters.

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“Patience” is one of the key episodes helping to create that spin-off, introducing a young female psychic named Patience who will become a major part of the new series. The episode also offers our first big clue about Castiel’s return.

Psychics in Danger

A wraith is killing psychics and one of the victims is a close friend of Missouri Moseley, an old psychic friend of John Winchester last seen back in season 1. She calls for help and Sam sends Sheriff Jody Mills, but Dean goes too because he doesn’t want to waste his time in the Bunker with Jack.

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Missouri has a vision of her estranged son and psychic granddaughter Patience, sending Dean and Jody to protect them. Missouri stays behind and meets the wraith, who kills her. She saw it coming, but decided to accept her fate anyway to make sure that Dean protects her family. Well damn, they brought back Missouri after more than a decade just to kill her in the first 10 minutes.

Meet Patience

Patience Turner, Missouri’s granddaughter, is a nerdy high school senior, which probably means she’ll be doing a lot of the research in the spin-off. She has nightmares, but those dreams are actually psychic visions. However, her dad, James, has hidden the truth about the supernatural from his daughter in order to protect her.

That plan backfires when Dean and Jody arrive to tell him that Missouri is dead while Patience’s nightmare comes true and the wraith attacks her in school. Patience fights back a little and Dean and Jody arrive to chase him away. Patience is confused because she doesn’t know that she’s a psychic.

Patience fights with her dad for lying to her about her powers, but James just wanted to keep her safe and resented that Missouri promised his wife would live even though she died. He wants to keep running, but the wraith shows up and kidnaps Patience.

Luckily Missouri taught her son a magical locator spell so James, Jody and Dean arrive to save Patience. The wraith kills all three of them, but it’s just one of Patience’s psychic visions. She’s able to use that information to warn them, keeping them safe and allowing Dean to kill the wraith. Patience finally accepts that she really is psychic.

In the aftermath, Dean encourages Patience to live a normal life because the world of monsters leads to death and misery. But Jody tells Patience to be true to herself and offers to help, opening the door for the spin-off.

Training Jack

Back at the Bunker, Sam tries to train Jack to control his powers. Jack struggles because he is starting to believe Dean that he’s evil and can’t be saved. Sam refuses to accept this because he’s been evil in the past and his friends always brought him back, so he has faith that Jack can be good.

When Dean returns, Sam yells at him for telling Jack that he’d kill him. They have a big fight which Jack overhears, with Dean blaming Jack for Castiel’s death.

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Jack’s eyes glow yellow as he thinks about Cas. We see Castiel, lying down in an empty, black space. Cas starts to wake up after hearing Jack’s voice. We don’t know where Cas is, but apparently he’s alive and Jack may be able to bring him back.

Where do you think Cas is?

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