Supernatural is going way back in time for season 13. The third episode of the season, “Patience,” will feature the return of guest star Loretta Devine as Missouri Moseley. If you don’t remember who she is, don’t feel too badly. She only appeared in one episode way back in the very first season.

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However, she did play an important role. Missouri is a psychic from Lawrence, Kansas, the original hometown of the Winchesters. She appeared in the season 1 episode “Home,” which found Sam and Dean returning to their childhood home where their mom died to investigate a poltergeist.

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They met Missouri after discovering she was a psychic who befriended John after Mary’s death, introducing him to the world of the supernatural. She was so important that she was mentioned in the very first sentence of John’s journal that the boys use. Missouri is basically the person responsible for turning John, and by proxy Sam and Dean, into Hunters.

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“Home” was also an important episode because Sam and Dean encountered the ghost of their mother, Mary. In the present, does Missouri know that Mary is back, and if so, how will she react to that information since she was so close to John? The episode also featured an appearance by John Winchester, revealing that he was in town the whole time and still friends with Missouri.

Are you excited to see Missouri return to Supernatural after a 12 year absence?

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