In an episode of The Flash full of bad luck, it seems unlikely that Barry Allen could personally ruin anything. But Barry is always capable of screwing up. What are the hero’s biggest mistakes in “Luck Be a Lady”?

6. Losing at Laser Tag

It is hardly an important flub, but Barry does begin this episode somehow losing at laser tag. He’s beaten by a child, too. Ouch.

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5. Cuffing Himself

Even Barry isn’t sure how that happens (other than the bad luck of the episode.) 

4. Failing to Turn Becky Sharpe Good

As soon as the team realizes that Becky is causing the bad luck, Barry goes to talk her down. It doesn’t go well, and Becky nearly destroys the whole city a short time later.

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3. Slipping on Marbles

Again, this is part of Becky’s bad luck field, but it is impressively awkward that Barry manages to wipe out after an entire barrel of marbles spills at his feet.

2. Seeing Iris in Her Wedding Dress

This doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but Barry and Iris really do not need any new bad luck when it comes to their future nuptials. Will Barry spying Iris in her gown spell doom (once again)?

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1. Creating a Busload of Metahumans

It may not have happened in “Luck Be a Lady,” but this episode reveals exactly why there are a bunch of new metahumans running around Central City. Barry did it: When the Flash exited the Speed Force, the resulting dark matter burst inflicted powers on a busload of people.

Sure, this can be blamed on plenty of others — mostly Cisco, Caitlin and the season’s brainiac villain. However, Barry’s actions are once again the source of all trouble on The Flash.

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