When we left Kirkman and his administration last, Designated Survivor had us on the edge of our seats over the fate of the First Mother-In-Law, Mrs. Booker. Will her actions from 1987, which saved her husband’s life,  put her behind bars? There is no telling how the President can smooth talk his way out of saving this one. We can be sure, though, that Hannah and John will continue to uncover questionable links to the daily Washington, D.C. shenanigans that continue to threaten civilians.

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A woman jogs through the woods while reciting into a handheld recorder when she hears rustling in the woods. “Hello,” she calls out. “Is someone there?” Yep, the person who is about to abduct you. 

Sarcasm Gone Very Wrong

Kirkman is playing hockey contrary to real life golfing beliefs, presidents have other favorite pastimes it seems. In the locker room, Kirkman and his friend and senator Carson speak about bailouts for Wall Street and mentions that the American people are suckers in a ill-thought out sarcastic comment to prove his point. They shake hands and Mike briefs him on the murdered journalist. 

At the White House, Aaron, Emily and Hannah walk the halls talking about the murder. Hannah enters her office to find none other than -sigh- Damian, alive and well. He and Chuck have been investigating Charlotte Thorn, the murdered jogger, whose upcoming speech on illegal arms has been leaked. 

Victim’s Rights Advocate, Alice Roland, interrupts Tom and Alex who are discussing who Mrs. Booker’s lawyer should be. (Let’s hope Kendra takes the job.) Back to Roland, she pleads for Kirkman to hurry along with his efforts on getting monetary relief for those middle-class workers who do not wish to work until they’re 75 years old. Kirkman agrees, but, in normal Kirkman fashion, wants to do things his way.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Lyor meets up with Emily, Kendra and Seth who were cracking jokes to turn the conversation back to something direr. Senator Carson has repeated the president’s words out of context, saying “I’ll make a stipulation that the American people are suckers.” In walks a White House secretary. The Senate Minor and Majority leaders, the House Speaker and the House Minority Leader are all calling at once. Lyor dubs them “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” Kirkman cannot deny the claims because he knows he said the words, but how can he make the American people believe that despite his words, he is working for them not against them?

Seth attempts to round up the press and calm everyone down, but they have officially named the issue “Suckergate.” Lyor wants Kirkman to lie and say he never said what he did in order to preserve what he’s done so far. Kirkman refuses. 

Hannah and Damian speak with the British Embassy about Charlotte’s speech and the names she meant to expose. There was one name that was missing: Darius Cray. He called the night before and found his way off of the list. They find him to question him directly and he looks like every evil antagonist from any Scooby-Doo Mysteries cartoon. He finds himself being offended, stands up, buttons his jacket and walks out saying he will call his lawyers if necessary.

Senator Krantz delivers names of her own list of candidates for judges now that Kirkman believes he’s the President of “suckers.” These people can’t be deemed toxic simply because they never endorsed Kirkman. 

Kendra to Represent Mrs. Booker

Alex sits across from Kendra in talks of her mother’s bribery subpoena. (Looks like I got my wish!) She wants to be sure that her mother is in the best of hands and Kendra assures her she’s experienced and good. All she asks for in return is her trust. (Now, I’m a tad bit worried.)

Senator Carson speaks with Kirkman in the Oval office where he asks the president to retract his statement, but he didn’t tell a lie, so he feels that he shouldn’t have to take back what he said. Things escalate quickly and now it’s a shouting match between the two men and Emily as Lyor looks on nervously. Carson suggests the President begin talking to his civilians as if they were his friends. 

Media has taken Suckergate by storm and administration ratings are dropping quickly. The fallout will only get worse unless Kirkman stabilizes the base by using Lyor’s silver bullet. He hands over a folder with information on Senator Carson, but Kirkman won’t budge on his morals. They will find another way.

Seth fends off a young woman from the press who has been tipped off on the fact that someone involved with the White House has been issued a subpoena. Kendra better get on her game and quick!

After a failed meeting with several individuals, including Dax, Kirkman is pretty down in the dumps. Mike points out something important. The President doesn’t do anything when someone slings mud his way. What he should do is sling hope. That’s what the American people wish to see. I think he’s on to something.

Damian Proves Helpful

Meanwhile, Hannah and Damian are on Cray’s boat, sniffing around with their guns out. Hannah’s gun goes up and points at Damian. He was so close to catching another bullet, but this time it was actually a good thing he was there. His bullet finds its way to a masked man behind his partner. (I guess sometimes he can come in handy.)

The masked man was Cray and on his boat Hannah and Damian found an arsenal of weapons. Now in custody, he’s being linked to Charlotte’s murder, but isn’t talking now that he’s recovering from Damian’s gunshot wound. Lyor wants a press release, but Seth believes they should wait until ballistics can confirm that Cray’s gun was the same one that killed Charlotte. Kirkman stops their bickering and puts forth his own plan. He wishes to do an OTR, on the road. He wants to get close to the American people and show them up close that he’s fighting their fight.

Alex enters the courthouse to find Kendra. She wishes to second chair and work alongside her mother’s representation. “I can’t stand by,” she says. This will either be the best decision, or it will end in shambles. John, Hannah’s boss, stands opposite Kendra as they argue over Mrs. Booker’s alleged bribery. Alex jumps up and sticks her neck into the argument, overstepping Kendra’s first chair on the matter. Kendra takes the First Lady outside and tells her to step down, respectfully. 

The sight of Kirkman at Frank’s Family Diner while OTR is very reminiscent of a real-life occurrence when former President Obama held a baby and smiled at one another. Nice to see. As he walks outside to greet a crowd of civilians, Kirkman spots Alice. She says she hears the bill has been pronounced dead. He says that’s not true. She asks if he can promise that the people will be taken care of. No, he cannot promise that. “Then you’re right Mr. President,” she answers. “We are suckers. For trusting you.” Yikes!

So interesting to see on a fictional show how one simple word spoken in what was thought to be the confidence of he and a friend has put the entire country in a state of disarray. Art imitate reality much? 

Go for Blue, Kirkman!

Lyor, again, points out that there is a perfectly good solution to this and eyes the folder on Carson. Kirkman picks it up, reads, gives a heavy sigh and nods to give the green light. 

Meanwhile Kendra now stands alone as Alex sits in the pews behind her. Kendra argues that the hospital record was obtained illegally. John says that Hannah removed the document while investigating Patrick Lloyd, plus she works for the White House. The judge rules in favor of Kendra, saying he isn’t subpoenaing Patrick Lloyd. Girls rules, boys drool.

Hannah receives a knock on her door. (Insert eye roll here.) It’s Damian. He’s shipping out soon, but stopped by to say “thanks.” This is already awkward and gets even more so when Damian goes in for the kiss. Hannah follows suit, kissing back but receives a call about developments in the Charlotte Thorn case. (Thank goodness for modern technology!) They both end up in the White House and are joined by Aaron and Chuck who pull up footage of Darius Cray moving guns from a location by van.

Kirkman Morals Win Again

The moment of truth has everyone on the edge of their seats. Lyor, Seth, Aaron and Emily all sit and stare as Kirkman sits on Carson Kramer Live, addressing Suckergate. He fails to use Lyor’s bait against Carson and admits that, yes, he told the truth. He believes the American people are suckers for believing in the American dream, but he includes himself in the fact that Americans believe in better tomorrows despite the obstacles they face, and this is why Congress must back the pension bailout bill. “Our boss may have just pulled off the greatest escape,” laughs Lyor. 

Senator Carson enters the Oval Office where he announces to the President that he will support the pension bill. His wife Sonia has ovarian cancer and this bill will undoubtedly help his family. Carson also admits that he had an affair, but he and Sonia are now seeking counseling. Well, guess what was in Lyor’s little blue folder? You guessed it! The photos of Carson and his woman on the side. Kirkman advises him to take care of the issue now before it gets out. From here, Kirkman speaks with Senator Krantz who he reveals her secret. Her husband was one of the perpetrators who pocketed money. She now works as an advocator for those who deserve the money they earn. He finds that they both share the same luck and with that lucky, they should pay it forward.

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So Suckergate actually pays off, in the end. Not highly realistic, but entertaining to see. I would take that over another make out scene between Hannah and Damian any day. What do you think? Is Kirkman truly playing his cards right? Are Hannah and Damian going to be Designated Survivor’s first coupling? Leave your comments below!

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