Fans of Scrubs know very well how frustrating it was following the show while it was with NBC, the network that enjoyed tossing the series around in different timeslots.  In fact, even series creator Bill Lawrence has been very honest about his thoughts on how the network has handled his show.  Nonetheless, season 8 of the show will push through, but will air on ABC, after receiving poor treatment from NBC.  In fact, IGN reports that they have already shot their season finale last week, even if the season premiere is yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, another NBC snub was picked up by fans when Michael Ausiello of EW reported that NBC prevented two of its stars from participating in the season finale of Scrubs.

NBC has apparently banned Heroes’ Masi Oka and Chuck’s Sarah Lancaster from appearing in the final episode of Scrubs’ season 8.

“They both wanted to do it, but NBC said they weren’t allowed to,” Lawrence explained.  “Typical classy stuff.”

This may come off as odd, since other networks have been pretty friendly with other networks and shows.  In fact, ABC allowed Scrubs star Sarah Chalke to continue her recurring role on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, while CBS let The Unit’s Scott Foley venture into one of Scrubs’ last episodes. Moreover, NBC even lent Law & Order: SVU’s Michaela McManus to return to the CW’s One Tree Hill.

So it’s pretty easy for Lawrence to conclude that it’s NBC’s bitterness about Scrubs’ moving out that got them stubborn when it comes to lending actors.

“[Masi and Sarah] should not have been part of that fight,” he observes.  “It felt kind of petty to me.”

Nonetheless, Lawrence promises a brilliant season coming up for Scrubs.  In fact, he says that the season finale was “very emotional.  It should be an incredible finale.”

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: EW, IGN
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Valerie Del Castillo

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