Castiel is human and Angels have fallen from Heaven. That creates a conflict on Earth that will be explored throughout Supernatural season 9. This summer, Misha Collins (Castiel) and Executive Producer Robert Singer spoke with reporters about Cas’ challenges as a human and the battles that will be fought.

Check out the full video interviews and highlights.

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Misha Collins Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Human Cas is a “different version of Cas,” but “it’s not a dramatic break. It’s not like a switch has been thrown.” It’s not like when he went crazy, became God, or became Jimmy. 
  • He’s the same Cas, but he has to learn to cope and live as a human. His learning includes human biological functions to “what does this mean my purpose on the planet is.”
  • Cas gets frustrated. He can’t teleport, so it takes weeks for him to get from one place to another. 
  • He still knows stuff, but “beyond that he’s useless.”
  • “He’s so useless. He doesn’t have a purpose.”
  • At the beginning of the season, Cas is running and hiding from the fallen angels. He’s powerless to fight them head on.
  • “I’m not telling you.” in response to whether Cas has any allies. Hmm….
  • Collins didn’t get to keep the Cas toy from the episode when the Anti-Christ turned him into a toy. They made two of them, but they wouldn’t let him keep one. 
  • Collins tells story about Jensen and Jared taking their favorite clothes at the end of season 1. “So now they have a log on the door of the wardrobe trailer.”
  • The question of whether Cas would want to be an Angel again is addressed in season 9.

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Executive Producer Robert Singer interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • The Fallen Angels have all of their powers, except for their wings. They can’t teleport, but they can smite and heal. 
  • There are different Angel factions which leads to fights. Some want to stay and others want to find a way back to Heaven.
  • Crowley is missing. There’s infighting between Demons.
  • We will see Angels from previous episodes return. 
  • Metatron will be seen around half-way through the season. He’s lonely up in Heaven. The non-Angels are still up there, including souls. His story will be during second half of season.
  • Jim Beaver (Bobby) comes back in an unexpected way.
  • Demon Blade and Angel Blade are still around. Having one is a big deal.
  • Felicia Day (Charlie) will be in episode 4 and in another couple episodes.
  • Episode titled, “Dr. Dean Little” – He will be able to talk to animals.
  • There will continue to be a lot of conflict between the brothers and Cas. Season 9 will be heavily character driven.

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