In a recent interview with Zap2It, One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn revealed that there’s little chance of a relationship between Lucas and Brooke in the show’s future.  Fans have long debated whether Lucas ultimately belongs with Peyton or Brooke, and it looks like Schwahn has finally answered the question.  He wants to explore the Leyton relationship from this point on, and though he’ll “never say never” about a Brucas reunion, the chances are slim.

This interesting development got me thinking about the numerous relationships in One Tree Hill‘s history.  Which pairings have been the best and which are better left forgotten?  Read on to see how you can vote for OTH‘s most memorable couples.

Before creating the showdown pitting One Tree Hill‘s couples against one another, I had to lay down a few rules.  There have been so many pairings throughout the show’s six seasons that I had to narrow it down to a manageable number.  To do this, I ruled out all the adult couples, and also tossed aside any minor pairings.  Those hoping to vote for Mouth and Shelly or Brooke and Felix are out of luck, though if you don’t see your favorite couple in the showdown you can always vote for them by leaving a comment below. 

To vote for the ultimate OTH couple, simply click on the picture below.  Our showdown pits the couples against each other, and you can vote for your favorites until only one is left standing.  Voting is open until Thursday, at which point I’ll reveal who wins the title of One Tree Hill‘s most memorable couple.  Nathan and Haley probably have it in the bag, but there’s always a chance Leyton or Brucas fans could skew the results.  Vote now and vote often, otherwise it’s possible Skills and Bevin will win the race.

If you don’t want to vote in the showdown, sound off in the comments below about your favorite OTH couples.  Are you a Naley shipper, a Brucas addict, a Leyton fan or one of those rare Neyton people?  Everyone has a different opinion about which romance is the best, and this is your chance to have your voice heard.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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