Tonight’s episode of Supernatural should be entertaining since, as of about two weeks ago, this was believed to be the third season finale of Supernatural. Instead, we’ll be getting a handful of new episodes come April, so this isn’t the end, but merely the beginning.

But first, a Latin lesson for the few of you who don’t already know what the title of this episode means. “Jus in Bello” refers to the generally acceptable practices in war. These are the civilized laws of war like peaceful negotiations. The yin to this yang is “Jus ad Bellum,” which refers to the laws that allow for armed combat. I suspect the Supernatural team is saving that second episode title for a big-ass showdown.

Then: A demon war started. FBI Agent Henricksen was after the Winchesters. A new rival to Sam has arisen. Bela stole the Colt.

Now: Sam and Dean dig through Bela’s room, but she’s several steps ahead as always and calls back from two states away. After some flirty banter, she reveals she contacted the authorities, and just then, Agent Henricksen busts in and arrests the boys. Hate Bela (Lauren Cohan) all you want, the girl is smart.

Henricksen travels through the small town police department, releasing all the prisoners to clear the way for the “Satan-worshiping nutbag killers.” It’s kind of funny that these two adorable Winchesters are being treated like the scariest criminals in all the land.

Henricksen taunts the boys, and Dean (Jensen Ackles) makes several sex jokes. Henricksen’s response is to separate them in unconstitutionally small windowless cells in a super-max prison. Henricksen crosses the line when he accuses Papa Winchester of molesting Dean. He’s twisted, but if you look at it from his perspective, Henricksen’s actions are completely understandable.

His boss, Deputy Director Groves, shows up to meet the boys. He pulls a gun and shoots Dean in the shoulder. Sam (Jared Padalecki) struggles and discovers Groves is possessed by a demon! Sam does a chant, and a black smoke leaves Groves’ body. This is how you compete against Lost, by giving us a Black Smoke Monster of your very own? Groves is left for dead and Henricksen arrives to try to understand what happened. An FBI guy heads outside to see everyone is dead. The helicopter explodes and another demon kills him.

The lights go out and the local cops are freaking out. Henricksen takes charge, believing this is a siege on the jail. He suspects it’s from friends of the Winchesters, and he’s not buying the demon thing.  The department receptionist Nancy helps the boys because she’s won over by their charms. Women are powerless to resist Sam and Dean, this is the truth. Sam attacks her, presenting a cross as proof she’s possessed.

Dean is confused that the demons are coming right for them. The sheriff opens the door to try and escape, but Henricksen shows up and shoots him. Sam grabs him and does the chant to force the Black Smoke Demon out. Now everyone believes them, even Henricksen, who notes, “I shot the sheriff.” Dean can’t resist the set-up, even in such dire circumstances. The Winchesters and the FBI, together at last!

Sam gets to work on keeping the demons at bay while Nancy tends to Dean’s wound. Fixed up, Dean goes to the Impala’s trunk for weapons. Things get wonky when the Black Smoke Demon comes after him.  Inside, everyone salts the windows. The demon is actually kind of Black and Purple, and it is hella scary. Everyone gets a talisman to keep them from being possessed, but Sam and Dean already have the tattoos. Through the window, they see the whole town has been possessed by demons. A cop looks out and accidentally wipes some salt off a window.

Dean tells Henricksen that all the bad things he thought were fake are real. Except Bigfoot. Henricksen is taking this well, and asks if the Winchesters can win. This is one awesome combo.

Demon Ruby (Katie Cassidy) shows up to help and tells them all about the Up-and-Comer, and it’s a her named Lilith. Frasier’s ex-wife? The namesake of the feminist fair? Ruby offers up a spell that will kill all the demons in a one-mile radius, herself included. The spell needs a virgin, and it just so happens, Nancy is one. Dean is amazed and baffled. The spell involves cutting Nancy’s heart out, and despite objections, Nancy is willing to do it.

Dean doesn’t want any dead virgins, but Sam is oddly mum on the topic. New Sam is a bad-ass. Dean, never one to be outdone, offers a counter-solution: open the doors and fight.  Ruby’s against it and takes off. The boys prepare for war and get rid of the salt. Demons storm in and get shot the hell up. Yes, this is one totally kick-ass fight. Nancy swears that she’s going to have loads of sex when this is over. She and a cop go outside and salt the doors to keep the demons in for the epic battle.

A woman steps out and shoves the boys against the wall using her mind. Henricksen pushes a tape recorder with a recording of the chant over the loudspeaker, and all the demons go insane. They all spit up the Black and Purple Smoke Demon, which explodes when the chant ends. The Winchesters win!

Henricksen tells the boys he’ll tell the FBI they died in the helicopter explosion. After they leave, a little girl shows up trying to find two boys, “one really tall and one really cute.” Hey, I resent the implication that Sam isn’t cute. But more importantly, holy shiznit, Lilith is a little girl! And she pretty much kills everyone, Henricksen included, with a wave of her hand.

Ruby arrives to tell the Winchesters to turn on the news and see a “gas line” exploded and Henricksen, along with everyone else, is dead. She suggests striking fast and leaving no survivors in war. It looks as though the Winchesters may have won a battle, but they’re losing the war.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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