Supernatural‘s fifth season is shaping up nicely as we unearth more dirt on the unpredictable second half of the season. So far, we’ve stumbled on a zombie storyline, a body swap plot, a horrific Valentine’s Day episode and a psych ward scene, just to name a few. There’s also some time traveling involved though don’t expect a lighthearted storyline involving Doc Brown.

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

“Back to the Future II,” the title of the 13th episode of Supernatural‘s fifth season, marks the first episode of Misha Collins‘ Castiel when Supernatural returns in January.  It also marks the return of Julie McNiven’s Anna.

With Supernatural briefly shifting its focus on its heavenly creatures, fans can look forward to a possible showdown between heaven’s latest dropout Castiel and rogue angel Anna. Blaming Sam for jump starting the apocalypse, Anna plans an assassination plot and travels back in time to kill the young John and Mary Winchester to prevent baby Sam from being born.

“Everything Anna does is motivated by wanting to do the right thing, wanting to do what she feels is going to keep this apocalypse from happening,” McNiven says of her somewhat shady agenda. “I see Anna as always doing what she thinks is right and she’s very strong about that and doesn’t want to hear anything otherwise. So that’s all I’ll say about that!”

Of course, Sam and Dean attempt to stop Anna’s crazy plot with the help of Castiel, who “barely makes it” out of the episode alive.

McNiven teases fans, “You won’t be let down. There’s lots of fun throws and tosses and a little bit of hand-to-hand combat, which I was so excited to do — it’s a lot of fun.”

While Castiel will obviously live to see another day, the door will also be left open for Anna to return at the end of the episode, though McNiven knows better than to guess at her character’s fate on the show.

Supernatural returns January 21, 2010 on The CW.

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