After this week’s “Tall Tales” is it finally time for Supernatural to get back into the big story? Fans say YES, do Supernatural’s producers agree? One thing is for sure, with only one episode left for February sweeps, it would make sense for Supernatural to end on a big, mythos saturated note. So what will it be? Another episodic chiller… or a Winchester epic? We emptied graves and spent half the night on Oujia boards to get the best Supernatural spoilers going, read on to find out what we uncovered.

February 22nd’s episode of Supernatural “Road Kill” is in fact NOT a mythos story, but it is a very cool episode none-the less. For starters this episode features the too-hot-for-outer-space Tricia Helfer of Battlestar Galactica. Fresh off her Playboy debut, Helfer drops in on the lads Winchester as a damsel in distress on a lonely stretch of highway. Her story goes like this…


Molly (Helfer) and her husband were cruising the highway when a creepy farmer dude turned up in the middle of the road and caused them to swerve off the asphalt and smack dab into a tree off the side of the road. When Molly came to, her husband was gone.   Hmmm… starting to sound familiar to Supernatural fans?

The boys happen to be investigating that very ghost when they find Molly wondering along the side of the road looking for her hubby. Hmmm… now women wondering the road looking for their lost loves sounds like a pretty straightforward Supernatural plot, wonder what the twist could be!

That, you’ll just have to tune in for next week when Supernatural “Road Kill” airs on Thursday February 22nd at 9:00pm est on The CW!  (Special thanks to for the info!)

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