I’ve been wondering what was missing from Veronica Mars for the past few weeks, now I know: Wallace! Postgame Mortem was one of the more enjoyable episodes of Veronica Mars in recent months, and I can’t think of a single thing that is different in the formula other than the return of Wallace to the cast dynamic. Maybe Percy Daggs (the IIIrd) is just that good, maybe deep down I’m a Wallacite, whatever it is tonight’s Veronica Mars was right back on track.

The texture of the story seems to reflect this as well, in the episode Wallace is returning to play basketball. Wallace returning to Veronica… Wallace returning to the game…. Hmm. So Wallace’s return is of course marred by a pesky murder, this time of one of Wallace’s coaches. Immediately, Lamb pegs the coaches sun Josh as the killer. The coaches wife hires Keith to investigate and clear her son… hey wait, doesn’t Keith already have a murder to investigate? More on that later. On the Logan side of things, a slight twist to the typical Veronica-is-gone-time-to-fool-around angle. This time, Dick brings over a couple chicks to fool around with – that part is predictable – but Logan winds up entertaining Dick’s girls sister, a 13 year-old-girl for the evening. It’s a nice departure from the oft repeated scenario of Logan exercising indiscretion. In the long run, this 13-year old girl tries to teach Logan a thing or two about love.

As for Keith’s OTHER murder case, Keith finds out that Mrs. O’Dell and Professor Landry’s alibis do not match up. Okay, I thought we ‘kinda’ established that on last weeks Veronica Mas but maybe I just had a psychic moment. She is able to explain the difference, and Keith is able to verify it, but not the egg-shell on the Volvo.

Surprisingly, this episode turns out to be a two parter! Not another mini-arc! The big cliff-hanger here is that Veronica ends the episode being arrested by Sheriff Lamb for aiding and abetting Josh’s escape from jail! Wow… I must do a little spoiler hunting, check back with me later.

Again, the very pleasing thing about this episode was the return of the old school Veronica Mars cast. A little Wallace, a Little Weevil, and even an appearance by Cliff McCormack somehow gave the episode an old school Veronica Mars feel. Now if they’d only fix the theme song.

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