The latest hunt is one that’s close by for the Winchesters in Supernatural‘s “Into the Mystic.” A banshee is finding its prey in a retirement home, where Sam and Dean meet Mildred, a resident who has had a supernatural experience in the past, and Eileen, a fellow hunter with personal stakes in this hunt.

Mildred isn’t shy about her attraction to Dean, and here are her best moments from “Into the Mystic.”

1. Mildred Blatantly Checks Out Dean Upon Meeting Him

SPN 1111 1.png

2. When Dean Assures Her They Believe Her about What She Saw, She’s Reluctant to Give Him Back His Hand

SPN 1111 2.png

3. When Sam Stops by, She Immediately Asks Where His Partner Is

SPN 1111 3.png

4. Once Sam Tells Her They’re Hunters, She Says They’re “Too Cute” to Be FBI Agents

SPN 1111 4.png

5. Mildred Lets Eileen Know She Has Dibs on Dean

SPN 1111 5.png

6. When Dean Returns, She Latches on to Him and Tells Him She Feels Safer Already

And that has nothing to do with the gold blades he brought to use on the banshee.

7. Mildred Tells Dean the Sunset Is “Almost as Gorgeous” as He Is

8. When Dean Comments on Her Hand on His Knee, She Says She Can Move It Up

SPN 1111 6.png

9. Mildred Says It Wouldn’t Have Worked out Between Them (But He Knows Where She Lives)

She can tell when someone’s pining for someone else and suggests Dean follow his heart. Whoever the “lucky lady” is, she’s jealous of her. When he says he’s “single and ready to mingle,” she reminds him that he knows where she lives.

Supernatural season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.

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