It was an hour of reunions and new character introductions on The 100 Season 3 Episode 2, “Wanheda: Part Two.” Clarke’s solitude came to an abrupt end when she was captured, but the hunt for her continued by bounty hunters and her own people.

In a surprising turn, she ended up not with the Ice Queen, but with Lexa. Elsewhere, Murphy left Jaha behind in the City of Light and Arkers decided to open Mount Weather. Check out the best lines and exchanges from “Wanheda: Part Two.”


ALIE: “In the City of Light, mankind will finally be free of pain and hate and disease. Here, there will be no more suffering.”
Jaha: “I’ll fill this place, starting with my people. You have my word.”

Pike: “Grounder killers one and all. Am I right?”
Farm Station Arkers: “Ooh rah!”

“The Ice Nation can be ruthless. Take pride in the number you saved.”
– Indra

“Looks like the great Wanheda’s human after all.”
– Roan

Roan: “Now, that’s better.”
Clarke: “You’re Ice Nation.”

Abby: “Jasper, you’re never gonna move past this unless you face your feelings head on. Your friend Finn, he never did that, and it broke him. I don’t want that happening to you.”
Jasper: “Your daughter killed him, too.”

Jackson: “We can’t just let him die, Abby. We’re doctors.”
Abby: “I am not just a doctor.”
Jackson: Maybe you should be.”

“He’s my friend. Save him.”
– Lincoln

“Their deaths are on you.”
– Roan to Clarke after killing the bounty hunters

Octavia: “Don’t do anything stupid.”
Jasper (mumbles to self): “You mean like coming back here?”

Pike: “Last reports we got on the Ark, you were under attack by Grounders. What changed?”
Bellamy: “Well, it turns out, we had a common enemy.”
Pike: “What happened to them?”
Bellamy: “We won.”

“Another inch, and I’d be dead. Maybe you’re not the Commander of Death, after all.”
– Roan to Clarke

Roan: “The great Wanhaeda… Mountain slayer.”
Clarke: “I’m no one.”
Roan: Lot of people out there right now looking for no one.”

Clarke: “You don’t know anything about me.”
Roan: “I know you took the coward’s way out.”
Clarke: “Like you’re so different? You’re in disguise, same as me. You’re on the run, same as me, in the wilderness, same as me.”

Kane: “Not all the Grounders are the same.”
Pike: “They are to me.”

“I’m gonna drown the bitch in a red dress.”
– Murphy

“I haven’t told you the best part. You know there’s no pain here. There’s no death in the City of Light, either.”
– ALIE to Jaha in the City of Light

“Places are not evil, brother. People are.”
– Nyko to Lincoln

“We can’t lose Clarke. We can’t lose her.”
– Bellamy

Octavia: “It will get better.”
Jasper: “Wh… when?”

“We can’t lose Clarke. We… we can’t lose her.”
– Bellamy

Lexa: “The deal was for you to bring her to me unharmed.”
Roan: “She didn’t come easy.”
Lexa: “I expect not.”

Lexa: “I’m sorry. It has to be this way. Had to ensure Wanheda didn’t fall into the hands of the Ice Queen. War is brewing, Clarke. I need you.”
Clarke: “You bitch! You wanted the Commander of Death. You’ve got her! I’ll kill you!”

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