Love was in the air during the Suits summer finale, “Stay.” Usually it’s all about work and very little about play or romance for the hard working lawyers at Pearson Specter. That begins to change when Harvey, Louis, and Mike find that their work threatens the women who have their hearts. 

Tanner’s Back!

Ugh! Harvey’s not always the nicest guy around, but he generally plays fair. Yes, he was complicit in Darby’s threatened perjury to put Stephen behind bars, but at least in that situation it was to put someone who helped kill innocent people away.

Tanner doesn’t have the moral code that Harvey has. He proved his lack of boundaries by soliciting a false affidavit implicating Scottie from Stephen to beat his rival. In the end, it didn’t matter because Donna used her charm and fierce personality to get Stephen to admit the truth while being recorded.

Ultimately, Tanner lost because he was in the wrong and Harvey was in the right. Tanner’s decision to use Scottie’s relationship with Harvey to push their buttons was a mistake. They held strong and instead of helping him, Scottie agreed to dissolve Pearson Darby Specter.

With the firms separated, Ava didn’t have the same motivation to continue to go after Harvey. He was able to state his case clearly and show how he was there for her the whole time. She saw the truth and decided to instead focus her anger towards Darby where it belonged.

Giving into Love

Tanner’s maneuvers against Scottie opened Harvey’s eyes and heart to how he really feels about her. Donna had been pushing for him to trust Scottie for what seems like forever. And, finally he allowed himself to believe it.

Yes, Scottie betrayed his trust once by sleeping with him while engaged to another, but that wasn’t an overt action to hurt Harvey. It was nice to see that he could finally put the past behind him and move forward.

It will be intriguing to see how Jessica reacts to Harvey’s offer to bring Scottie on board Pearson Specter since Scottie has made it quite clear in the past that her goal is to get her name on the door of a law firm.

If Harvey and and Scottie are in a romantic relationship, I can’t imagine any situation that Jessica would want her at the firm or in a leadership role. She just got rid of Hardman and Darby, she doesn’t need another threat to her control of the firm.

Exclusivity Agreement

Oh, Louis. He just doesn’t get women, does he? Yes, they are more complicated then cats. Though, Sheila and Louis really do seem like they are perfect for each other. He may not read her signs correctly, but he does care.

They are awesome together. Sheila used her work as a way to show her affection for Louis, but he was oblivious to that. She gave him preferential access to a top candidate, then asked him to stay longer. Not only did he leave to go back to work, he said “Thank You” instead of giving her a kiss goodbye.

His response to send her a legal document regarding exclusivity was a very “Louis” resolution. He was speaking to her in his native language. At least she recognized that and invited him to find her and move their relationship forward.

It was all good, until Louis let his curiosity get the better of him. If he’s not careful, he’ll kill the relationship faster than curiosity killed the cat. He betrayed Sheila’s trust by looking in the files and if he asks about Mike’s missing file, they are over.

At the same time, Louis isn’t going to let this go. He’s been suspicious of Mike before and this will only add fuel to that fire. Will Louis figure out the truth? Will there be anyone that doesn’t figure out his secret? And, how long before someone outside the firm figures it out?

Fingers crossed Louis chooses love over answers!

In Consideration

The whole back and forth between Mike and Rachel was stressful. Neither of them were really in the wrong with their thoughts on Rachel’s decision, but ultimately it was her that needed to be comfortable and without any regrets.

And, then for Mike to acknowledge that Rachel had to go to Stanford because of his own lie was heartbreaking. Though, it was a little frustrating that he never considered quitting his job in order to stay with her. If he quit, then she was free to do whatever she wanted. Plus, he could go with her.

It didn’t end up mattering though. She chose him over the school that was better for her. And, Jessica’s ultimatum worked in her favor. She signed the agreement and she had a guaranteed job at a top law firm waiting for her.

It ended up a win-win. Well, as long as Mike’s secret stays safe. 

The End and a New Beginning

At the end of the summer finale, the British invasion was over, including the Hessington Oil case and all of its extensions. For the time being, the new firm of Pearson Specter is in a good place.

It will be a long wait until January 2014 to find out what happens next, but at least everyone is happy both personally and professionally. The only threat continues to be the big secret that continues to threaten more and more people at the firm.

Why doesn’t Mike just get credentialed already!?!

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