The return of Glee is less than two weeks away, which means it’s almost time to “come together” for the two-part Beatles tribute extravaganza. In “Love Love Love,” our favorite McKinley High glee club will take on the songs of the Fab Four. A new clip from the season 5 premiere has made its way online and it shows what may be a budding romance between two unlikely students.

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In a scene that I’m assuming takes place at the start of the episode, Mr. Schue gives New Directions a new assignment: it’s a tribute to the early years of the Beatles that will take place over the course of two weeks.

Kitty seems unimpressed and wonders if anybody today can still relate to the Beatles. “The school year seems like it’s never-ending,” she also says, referring to the fact that the current school year is taking place across two seasons. Marley, Artie and a few others reveal interesting facts about the band members, and you can tell how they hit close to home for some of the students.

Mr. Schue believes that they can win “back to back Nationals titles and form a New Directions dynasty.” Very lofty goals. But it’s what takes place after everyone leaves that is sure to catch your attention. It looks like Artie has a new love interest. He says to her, “Your chariot awaits. Seriously, woman, hope on board.” It’s none other than … well, take a look at the clip below and see for yourself:

Artie and Kitty? Whoa, did not see that coming. There were hints of this in “Wonder-ful” at the end of season 4, but I didn’t actually think anything would develop further.

Regarding who he might hook up with this season, Kevin McHale told Wetpaint in a recent interview, “I will take anybody. We work with some beautiful women on the show. Any of them are fine with me. I feel like last season the whole Sugar and Artie thing was very unresolved, and Tina’s single, so there are places to go.”

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And what about Kitty? He said, “Artie may be into that at first. You may see some of that. Artie likes a strong woman, and she is very strong and outspoken and I think he likes that.”

What do you make of this possible romance? Should Artie and Kitty go out or are they not right for each other?

Glee season 5 premieres Thursday, September 26 at 9pm on FOX.

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