The time has finally arrived! Bones Season 9 premieres tonight at 8pm on FOX. BuddyTV was on the line when creator Hart Hanson and executive producer Stephen Nathan spoke to reporters about the upcoming ninth season of the hit series, teasing everything from Pelant’s future, the Booth and Brennan wedding (and honeymoon!), as well as the show’s next Big Bad. 

Booth and Brennan Will Confront Pelant in a Way We’ve Never Seen Before

When asked about what will happen with Pelant this season, Nathan said, “Pelant will figure into their lives quite heavily in the first few episodes. We’ll see him in a way we haven’t before. It’ll be a far more intense episode. It’ll be them confronting him in a way we haven’t seen before.”

Hanson added, “They’re going to get married and they can’t really get married until the issue of Pelant has been dealt with one way or another. And we’re doing all that fairly quickly, we’re not teasing this out for a whole season.”

Pelant’s Plays a Role in Uncovering the Next Big Bad 

It’s fairly certain that Pelant will be dealt with in a final way this season (there was even talk at Comic-Con that he would die). With Pelant’s exit, there will be room for another bad guy and it looks like Pelant will be bringing this new person to them. 

“Pelant actually is part of uncovering our next big bad,” Hanson said. 

“There will be someone else who looms over our people in a way we have yet to see on Bones – someone far more ephemeral than any of our other bad guys. But it’s somebody who comes to our attention because of Pelant.”

Hanson added that Pelant had “kind of set the bar” and that any new bad guys would have to be “someone as interesting to us as Pelant was, and we think we’ve got that.”

Booth and Brennan Work Out Their Issues While Undercover at a Marriage Retreat

Fans love it when Booth and Brennan get to go undercover together and so do the actors. Booth and Brennan will be going back undercover as two of their favorite alter egos in a really fun environment. 

“David and Emily love Roxy and Tony so much that it’s a little disturbing. They love Wanda and Buck, but man, they really like Tony and Roxy. What they’re doing is they’re going to a marriage counseling retreat. Which is ironic because A, they’re not married and B, they have this issue hanging over them,” Hanson said. 

The retreat will also be therapeutic for the couple. “Tony and Roxy are louder than Brennan and Booth so they get to work out some stuff undercover,” Hanson revealed. 

Nathan added, “Their mouths are uncensored, so Roxy and Tony get to a lot of things that Booth and Brennan might not get to. It’s always great to see them do these undercover episodes, it’s a hilarious situation they’re in.”

A Honeymoon with Murder

By now, everyone knows that Booth and Brennan will be getting married this season. No one would expect them to go on a honeymoon and have it go perfectly so of course a case will pop up just as the two are trying to enjoy their first days as husband and wife. 

“There’s a honeymoon and of course there is murder,” Hanson said. 

“They go to Buenos Aires on their honeymoon. They go on their honeymoon and it turns out that the entire country of Argentina is madly in love with Brennan’s books and it takes a turn that even Brennan didn’t even see coming,” Nathan teased.

Booth and Brennan Challenged After Marriage

Booth and Brennan are getting married this season, but will that change who they are? Nathan says no, but it will bring a whole new set of challenges.

“Booth and Brennan getting married is just a natural extension of their evolving relationship. So now they’re not going to be all that much different. They’re still Booth and Brennan and their differences remain. Now they’re just going to settle into one aspect of their life while being test all the more [in other aspects]. We kind of wanted them to get married and then put them in the most extreme situations we possibly could for the remainder of the year, to test that relationship.”

More Disgusting Bodies to Come

Every fan of Bones knows that one thing you simply do not do is eat when you’re watching the first few minutes of any episode. Every season the gross factor seems to get cranked up higher and higher and this season will apparently be no different. 

“We are hitting on all cylinders with gross, hideous things,” Hanson said happily. 

Nathan added, “All I can say is that our bar is how contentious our negotiations with Standards and Practices is. So if we feel we have a lot of negotiating to do with Standards and Practices, we’ve done our job. One episode coming up has something that seems to be one of the most revolting things – and I say that with great delight and pride – that we’ve ever had on Bones and it has nothing to do with a dead body. I think we’ve outdone ourselves.”

What do you think of the hints and teasers from creator Hart Hanson and EP Stephen Nathan about Bones Season 9? Are you excited to watch the season premiere tonight?

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