Bones is back! Last season, the evil hacker and murderer Christopher Pelant ordered Booth to turn down Brennan’s touching marriage proposal or he would kill five innocent civilians. Pelant gets his wish because Booth cannot bear to have that type of guilt on his conscience. When Booth asked Brennan if they are okay, she says that they are. How has this changed their relationship and the dynamic of the whole Bones crew?

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Confession is Good for the Soul

In this week’s season 9 premiere, “The Secrets in the Proposal,” Booth goes to see a former priest who is now a bartender. Booth confides that Pelant, who has killed eight people, will not let him marry Brennan or tell her why he can’t. He tells his friend Aldo that he has to kill Pelant.

To the Crime Scene

There is obvious tension between Booth and Bones when they investigate a set of remains inside an air conditioning unit at a hotel. Meanwhile, Cam tells Booth that he will lose Brennan forever if he doesn’t marry her. Booth and Bones are alone in the room of a missing hotel guest. Bones is upset that he didn’t answer his cell phone or come home the night before. Booth states that he was working, but she knows he is lying.

The victim is Jonas Seidel, an accountant with the State Department. Bones wants to get back to the lab and suggests that Booth bring Dr. Sweets along. They receive a call from Angela that someone at the office texted Seidel numerous times before his death. Booth has Angela call the number, and the receptionist, Lily, receives the call on her cell phone. Surprise!

Lily’s mother is an attorney, which is super convenient. Lily tells Booth that she did not murder Jonas and hopes he finds out who did. The tension between Booth and Brennan is painful to watch as they discuss Christine. Brennan can’t accept Seeley’s reassurance that their relationship has not changed.¬†

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Secret Identity Man

Hodgins and Daisy rig up a giant parachute apparatus to the fan to remove the rest of the remains. Meanwhile, the dynamic duo of Booth and Sweets revisit the victim’s apartment, which has been cleaned out. When Sweets ventures into the bathroom, he is thrown to the ground by an assailant who flees out the window. Booth chases him into a parking lot filled with buses. The assailant has a gun, and Booth ambushes him. Before any actual violence happens, he greets the mystery man by name. Danny Beck is an army buddy of Booth’s who happens to be CIA. Jonas Seidel was a CIA operative, so now the suspect pool has grown quite a bit. Danny’s job is to “sanitize” the apartment.

Hodgins is thrilled that the FBI is “at war” with the CIA. Angela is at war with Booth and accuses him of breaking Brennan’s heart. Angela wants to try and recreate the last image printed on the victim’s computer, which is called “ghosting.” Brennan and Daisy determine that the cause of death was two blows to the head. Angela reveals that the last picture that was printed was of a couple in bed at the hotel. The initials on the briefcase in the room shows that it belongs to Heinreich Gloeckner. Gloeckner identifies Lily’s picture as a woman called Melody, and Jonas was blackmailing him to use a certain team of consultants for a Chinese dam project.

Girls Night Out

Brennan, Angela and Daisy go out for dinner. Brennan struggles to understand why her relationship with Booth is faltering. She shows Angela some matchbook covers and states that Booth has been going to a strip club called Paradise Lost. Angela does not think that sounds like Booth. Daisy promises Dr. Brennan that if she gets a new mate, she and Booth can be friends like she is with Sweets. That is a pretty scary prospect!

Lily and her mother meet with Booth and Caroline. Lily reveals that she was recruited by Jonas Seidel for the operation. She also tells Booth that she saw her mother at the hotel bar that night. Booth and Brennan confront the tipsy attorney about how she hit Seidel, who she believed was her daughter’s pimp, with her briefcase. So Marianne Thorn is cuffed and escorted from the hotel before she can finish her drink — poor thing! Although Thorn did hit Seidel with her briefcase, the victim was killed by a cane-like instrument. Lily’s boss hit Jonas in the head with a piece of bike equipment in a rage.

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Paradise Found … Again?

Brennan goes to the Paradise Lost bar and talks with Booth’s friend, the former priest. Aldo tells Brennan that he was Booth’s confessor when he was a sniper and that Seeley loves Brennan. She asks if she should have faith in Booth, and he reassures her and tells her that he would only do something like this if he was compelled by a good reason.

Danny offers Booth a job in the CIA and also lets him know that he owes him one. When Brennan tells Booth that she wants to tell him something, he thinks that she is going to leave him. Instead, she states that she loves him and that she has faith in him. Brennan also lets him know that next time, he has to do the proposing. As they embrace, an ominous-looking blue light clock flashes on a microwave-type instrument.

Next week, Booth and Brennan go undercover!

Bones airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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