That’s right! Suits season 2 isn’t over yet! It’s just very, very delayed. New episodes of the season will not be back on TV until January, but we do have some spoilers to keep you going until then.

WARNING: There are Suits season 2 spoilers here. You probably realized that, but it’s good to make sure.

Will Hardman Be Back?

Alas, the answer to this question is still somewhat ambiguous. Obviously, Daniel Hardman has to reenter the Suits picture after Harvey, Mike and Jessica got him kicked out of the firm (again) in the summer finale. But when will that be?

Series creator Aaron Korsh failed to give TVLine much of a straight answer: “I would like to see him back,” the Suits executive producer explained. “It’s unclear whether it’s going to be in the next six episodes or the following season.”

Whether or not Hardman returns to the show, his departure from the law firm will have major implications for the rest of season 2. The changes at Pearson Hardman will make for a bit of a “power vacuum” that has implications for the wider legal community.

Could this be the next problem Suits tackles?

Rachel’s Daddy

Speaking of problems, we are going to meet Rachel’s father, Robert Zane, when season 2 of Suits returns in January. According to Zap2It, the man — a major New York lawyer — will show up for Rachel’s birthday, mostly to cause trouble. It seems that Rachel’s dad may be the source of her self-esteem issues.

After implying that his daughter isn’t smart enough to make it in law on her birthday, Robert Zane will reappear at Pearson Hardman for a deposition. The ensuing confrontation between father and daughter gets sufficiently heated that Mike decides to step in.

Harvey Gets a New Opponent

The Hollywood Reporter reports that actress Amanda Schull (Center Stage, Pretty Little Liars) will appear in a recurring role in the second part of Suits season 2. Schull will play Katrina Bennett, an ambitious and stubborn district attorney.

Much like Harvey, Katrina Bennett will be adept at using people’s weaknesses against them. It should be entertaining when she goes up against Harvey Specter…

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