Still reeling from last week’s shocking Pretty Little Liars finale? Well the good news is that ABC Family is rolling out a series of webisodes leading up to the big Halloween extravaganza airing in October. So fans of the series won’t be in withdrawal without their favorite liars and potential serial killers for long!

Last week’s episode showed a Halloween store full of creepy masks (hey, at least it wasn’t creepy dolls?) and a voice ordering tickets to the Halloween train. If you live in a town where literally every single person seems like they probably have body parts stashed in the bushes, does ‘Halloween party train’ really seem like the best idea?

This week we’re back in that Halloween store, only this time with former lovers Jason and CeCe Drake. Called ‘A Reunion’ CeCe and Jason start with some polite chitchat…for about five seconds before the claws come out. Ouch! Turns out the breakup was a lot worse than we knew. Jason thought that Ali had run away with CeCe when she turned up missing and CeCe had promptly broken up with Jason for mysterious reasons.

Soon the two are accusing each other of being the origin of Alison’s evil. Jason says Alison basically evil leveled-up after meeting CeCe. While CeCe accurately points out that Jason was part of a group of people who weirdly taped his little sister and her friends changing. Sure that seems bad, but if you haven’t duct taped someone in a closet in Rosewood you’re basically person of the year. The standards in this town are pretty low.

As Jason storms out, the camera zooms in on the shopkeeper girl. Will she be important? Does she know something? Will she skulk around every webisode just listening in on conversations like a cast member from Downton Abbey? It’s too soon to tell.

The most important part of the webisode might have actually been the beginning. Jason is hissing on the phone with an unnamed person, demanding that he sees some proof or gets his money back. I had nearly forgotten about the large chunk of change Jason put out to find what happened to Ali’s body. Who was Jason talking to? Mona? Or perhaps it’s Toby, the other recently outted member of the A team.

Also did Jason even hang up the phone when CeCe showed up to have a conversation?

Creepiest person: It’s a tie between the mysterious person on the phone with Jason and the wall of masks. It’s hard to get creepier than a wall of masks.

A Team Member? If CeCe taught Alison everything she knows, her cunning could serve her well on the A Team. Could she know more than she’s letting on? She certainly seems to know a lot about Jason’s former activities. And maybe current as well? Does her allusion to the liquor store mean she knows about his hit and run?

ImportAnt Information:
We found out part of the why and how to the Jason/CeCe breakup. But it seems like there’s more to the story than what CeCe is letting on. Then again, there’s always more to the story on Pretty Little Liars!

What do you think? Share your theories in the comments!

Morgan Glennon
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Morgan Glennon

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