The new season of Supernatural is going to start off with a very big blueprint for the year, and the new trailer gives it all away.

In this new video featuring plenty of footage from season 8, Supernatural picks up one year later as Sam and Dean reunite after Dean spent the year in Purgatory.

Teen prophet Kevin Tran is back and he has another tablet with the Word of God. Only this one isn’t about the Leviathans, it’s about Hell. More specifically, it’s about closing off the Gates of Hell. Forever. That could be important.

Yes, it seems like the plan for season 8 is to close off the gateway between Earth and Hell, effectively ridding the planet of demons forever. Obviously Crowley, King of Hell, won’t be too pleased with this.

After angels, alphas and leviathans, it’s nice to see Supernatural getting back to its roots: demons. Hopefully this means season 8 will feature more shotguns full of rock salt.

What do you think of the direction for the new season?

Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday, October 3 at 9pm on the CW.

(Image and video courtesy of the CW)

John Kubicek

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