In tonight’s episode, we finally learn who the Big Bad is and Annie (Piper Perabo) is forced to choose between love and loyalty.

Annie is betrayed!

In the intense final moments of tonight’s episode, Annie’s new boss/mentor (Sarah Clarke’s Lena) sneaks into Annie’s home and shoots both Simon and Annie, revealing herself as the traitor all of those USA promos warned us about.

Given that Piper Perabo is the star of the show, I doubt we need to worry about Annie’s survival, but Simon’s fate is less certain. While we will certainly learn more about Lena’s lying ways in next week’s episode, one can assume she either ordered the hit on Jai or she is working for the people who did. Whatever her involvement in Jai’s untimely demise, Lena has set Annie up to take the fall.

All season, we have seen Lena continually coax Annie into pursuing a romance with Simon and now, she has managed to put together a folder chock-full of damning ‘evidence’ — one she just presented to Arthur (Peter Gallagher) — as proof of Annie’s betrayal. But does Arthur really believe Lena’s lies? And who will be the one to bring the truth to light and take Lena down?

A Complicated Love Triangle

Earlier in the episode, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) and Annie go to Jai’s safe house and find all sorts of evidence on Simon. Back at the DPD, Annie comes clean about her investigation into Simon and the nature of their relationship and Auggie’s reaction is palpable. While Auggie does not appear to judge Annie for sleeping with her asset — after all, seduction missions are not that unusual in the fictional spy world — he is definitely bothered by the revelation that Annie let Simon go and that she has developed real feelings for him.

While Auggie is processing his feelings for Annie, Annie is dealing with her growing attachment to Simon. Annie and Simon prove their feelings for one another once more, as Annie lets Simon escape and Simon later returns for her and asks her to come away with him. While Annie ultimately chooses to stay and bring Simon in, the fact that she even considered leaving with him shows just how much he means to her. But is it too late? Will Annie lose yet another person she cares about? And if Simon does survive the shooting, will he and Annie get a shot at a real future? Or will the shooting bring Annie closer to Auggie?

Final Thoughts

Though Lena’s betrayal is something many fans saw coming, I still thought the shooting was pretty shocking and the episode itself was very well done. It was a relief to see Annie’s relationship with Simon finally come to light and make some real progress in Jai’s murder investigation. And it looks like we will see some familiar faces in next week’s episode, something I am definitely looking forward to.

Megan Cole
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Megan Cole

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