It’s war on Suits. After Jessica forced Mike to sabotage Harvey’s plan to prevent the merger, the marriage between the two firms was completed. The two firms are now one big, happy, dysfunctional family. Loyalty and trust was lost and in the season 3 premiere, the fallout manifested itself in disregard for each other and betrayal.

Mike and Rachel Sitting in a Tree….

Okay, they weren’t in a tree, but they were as cute as teenagers in love for the first time. After their epic file room escapade, Rachel wanted time to deal with Mike’s situation. After two days, he couldn’t take it any more and shows up at her impeccable apartment. (They definitely should hang out there over Mike’s place!)

She still was’t able to come to terms with Mike’s lies. And, he didn’t know what to do. She suggested and he agreed that he didn’t need to worry about his nightmare of being revealed. He could quit, stop pretending to be a lawyer, and get the girl.

Jessica had other plans for him. When Mike went to quit, she cut him off and showed him to his new office. An associate with an office. She felt he deserved it for standing up to Hardman and then by her side over Harvey.

Rachel was furious when she saw his office and even more so when she noticed his fake credentials from Harvard on the wall. She pushed Mike away disgusted by his inability to follow through and quit.

After Harvey dismissed Mike, the associate realized that he had to put it all out there for Rachel. He went to her home and said that he would tell her everything. Then, she could decide once and for all if they would be together or if they would be over forever.

She chose to keep him. Mike and Rachel spent a passionate night together to solidify their relationship.

Harvey and Mike Break Up for Real!

When Jessica forced Mike into helping her, she destroyed their bond. Harvey’s not a forgiving man and he holds loyalty as something sacred. The relationship between Harvey and Mike was effectively over with no hope of resurrection.

Mike tried to get back into Harvey’s good graces by helping with the Ava Hessington case, but Harvey didn’t care. Unlike their squabbles in the past, this one was going to take more time and effort to repair, if it’s even possible.

Not even Donna was willing to help Mike at all. She felt just as betrayed as Harvey and pushed Mike away and interfered with his plan to help Harvey. She felt Mike was selfish in his decision to help Jessica.

In the end, Mike figured out that he needed to claim his independence back. He got evidence that Jessica knew about his lack of a degree and threatened her with it. If she ratted him out, she would go down too.

And, he gave back the office. It was Jessica’s way of rubbing it in Harvey’s face that Mike chose her. The office was Mike’s first big move in seeking redemption in Harvey’s eyes. It’s going to be a tough road to travel though.

Harvey and Jessica at War

Given how much Harvey values loyalty, he’s sure quick to stab Jessica in the back whenever he can. He’s done it time and time again to get what he wants. And, she’s no better. They are at war with each other, but can’t quit each other either.

Their relationship is so dysfunctional. It’s worse than a bad marriage. She lied to him about getting put on the Ava Hessington case to hide Darby’s supremacy and to play Harvey. Though, Harvey can see right through Jessica.

At first, Harvey wanted Darby to let him leave if he won Ava’s case, but then he decided to up the stakes and demanded to be made Managing Partner. Will Jessica sabotage Ava’s case to stick it to both Darby and Harvey? Or, is she a professional?

Be Careful What You Wish For, Louis

Louis made a huge mistake when he listed Nigel as an expendable employee for the combined law firm. He betrayed his word and Nigel got even. As the secret Quartermaster, Nigel got rid of Louis’ favorite things: Uniball pens and bran bars.

But, Nigel had a bigger prize in mind. Through, the moves as Quartermaster, Nigel manipulated Louis into begging Darby for the position and he was able to take it from his rival. But, Nigel was able to take something even more precious from Louis.

The Associates! Louis couldn’t be both the Quartermaster and Overseer of the Associates. Louis lost big time.

Other Highlights

  • Harvey’s decision to go for triple the payout in the opening was risky, but it’s Harvey. He knew he’d come out on top. That may be his last victory for a while though. 
  • Harvey forced Richard out of the Ava Hessington case, but he then got someone even worse to face. His mentor, Cameron Dennis, was named Special Prosecutor. This is gonna get interesting.
  • Donna getting Louis to look like Hitler was hilarious.
  • “Harvey is not Superman any more. He’s Batman. And, Batman needs armor.”  — Louis to Mike
  • BLT — Umm … okay. Not sure of the logic behind the premise, but it’s Louis and Nigel. 
  • What does Darby really want? He’s a man of his word. Will that bite him since no one else around seems to be able to keep theirs?

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