During last week’s episode, Sookie discovered that Ben is Warlow, Benlow sent Niall away via a portal and Jessica gave in to her blood-lust and attacked all four of Andy’s faerie daughters. Also, Eric turned Willa into a vampire and the newbie vamp attacked her father, landing her a trip to the vamp camp with Pam and Nora. In this week’s episode, “F**k the Pain Away,” Sookie learns more about Benlow’s involvement in her parents’ deaths, and Eric and Tara attempt to rescue Pam from vamp camp. Read on to find out what kind of insanity True Blood delivers this week.

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Daddy’s Home

After Sookie ends their sexy-times, Benlow tries to explain that he loves her and she is his intended. Sookie does not want to hear it and uses her vampire-killing ball of light on Benlow, but he magically heals. Thanks to their maker-progeny connection, Bilith feels Benlow’s pain and steals him away from Sookie’s home, but not before Benlow tells Sookie that he killed her parents to prevent them from killing her.

Needless to say, Sookie is confused about the night her parents died and she wants some clarification, so she goes to Lafayette for help. Lafayette does his medium-thing and contacts Sookie’s parents. Sookie is able to see the events of the night her parents were killed and learns that her father intended to kill her to “save” her from becoming Benlow’s immortal mate/bride.

Sookie is horrified, but her day gets worse when her father decides to possess Lafayette so he can finish what he started all those years ago. Papa Stackhouse takes Sookie to a lake and begins to drown her.

Will Lafayette fight through the possession in time to save Sookie, or will Bilith or Benlow come to her aid? At one point, Benlow wanted to make Sookie a vampire, but given his hatred for vampires, has he changed his mind on that front?  

Blasts from Sex Past

After getting the brush-off from Burrell, because he is too busy dealing with his vampire daughter to talk wedding plans and replacement babies, Sarah pays a visit to her old sex-buddy, Jason. Jason is surprised to see Sarah, but that surprise seems to be a pleasant one when Sarah tells Jason that God sent her there to “save” him with her vajayjay.

Alas, Jason gets another visitor that night in the form of Jessica. Jess is not doing so well after feeding from Andy’s faerie daughters and she goes on a high-induced rant about potentially serving the devil via Bilith. Jason tries to get her to calm down, but Sarah interrupts their conversation to chastise Jason for sleeping with the enemy. Sarah somehow revokes Jessica’s invitation — perhaps Jason’s recent but brief demise is to blame — and sends her into the waiting arms of the vamp police.

As Jessica is taken away, Sarah tells Jason that she called the LAVTF on his vampire girlfriend and makes it clear that her holy temple is closed to all fang-bangers. Jason plans to help Jess — because he is now over that vampire-hate — by heading to the LAVTF recruitment center because that is going to end well.

Come One, Come All

Burrell sticks to his principles and sends Willa to Vamp Camp. Because she is Burrell’s daughter, Willa is a Vamp Camp VIP, though we have yet to learn what that means.

Tara tells Eric that Pam was taken by the vamp police and Eric’s “plan” is for them to surrender themselves so they can get sent to vamp camp with Pam. (If they both survive, I doubt Tara will seek Eric’s help in planning future rescue missions.)

Pam arrives to Vamp Camp and gets a glimpse of the many different “research” studies being run on her kind. Some of them look more pleasant than others — there is a sex room, after all — and Pam is taken to one where they conduct therapy sessions. The man running said sessions tells Pam that she can feed from a living donor if she answers his questions honestly. Pam agrees to the deal, unaware that her answers will be used against her in the near future.

As Pam shares too much information with her therapist, Eric is put into a life-or-death game of musical chairs where he is the winner and only survivor. Meanwhile, Tara and Jessica are locked up together after surviving their own horrors and Tara takes on the role of Jessica’s protector, as Jess is still crazy from the faerie-blood high. Tara and Jessica are also protected by another vampire, who claims they now “owe her one.” This can only lead to bad things.

We learn just how important those therapy sessions were at the end of this week’s episode, when the former Mr. and Mrs. Newlin put together a surprise for Burrell. They put Eric and Pam in a room together, expecting one to kill the other. Pam’s therapist helped devise this plan after Pam claimed she no longer cared about her maker.

Will someone stop Eric and Pam from killing one another? Will Tara and Jessica be forced to go up against one another? Will Eric learn that Nora is also being kept at Vamp Camp and will anyone try to save Willa?

A Minor Miracle

With Bilith and Jessica distracted by other things, Andy enters the Compton place unhindered and is horrified at the sight of his deceased faerie daughters. But while three of Andy’s babies are seemingly dead, one is still breathing. Andy rushes his daughter away and revives her with vampire blood from the evidence locker, a decision that will surely come back to haunt him in unknown ways.

Andy saves his daughter’s life and, after a talking-to from Holly, momentarily gives up his plans to murder Bilith. How long will fear for leaving his only daughter fatherless keep Andy from seeking revenge? And will said revenge be directed at Bilith for experimenting on the faeries or Jessica for eating them?

Benlow’s Past

Sookie is not the only one who learns more about Benlow in this episode. Benlow and Bilith take a trip down memory lane where we see the moment Lilith turned Benlow, as well as the time Benlow slaughtered his entire faerie village sans Niall. Despite getting revenge on Lilith by killing her back in the day, Benlow is still very angry with his maker and blames Bilith for his hatred of the entire vampire race.

I imagine these flashbacks are meant to make Benlow sympathetic, but I do not think they did what the writers were hoping they would.

And In News No One Cares About…

Alcide is still looking for Sam, Nicole and Emma while kicking his father out of his life for trying to knock him down from his pack-master power-high. Sam and Nicole are still in hiding, but they do not go far enough because Alcide’s father is staying at the very same place they choose to lie low.

Terry, still bummed over killing Patrick, calls in some former sharp-shooter friend of his and asks the guy to kill him. The most interesting part of this storyline is that Terry’s friend is played by Teen Wolf‘s Gideon Emery, and one can only pray that he sees this mission to completion. I like Terry, but he stopped being interesting seasons ago, and if killing him saves us from more pointless storylines, I say go for it. Maybe his TV wife can get him a job on The Good Wife.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you care about the non-supernatural storylines? Do you think Andy’s faerie daughter might become a vampire-faerie hybrid like Benlow? Which vampires do you want to see make it out of Vamp Camp alive? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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