April’s had a rough time trying to move on from her husband’s death. It helps now to know that he cheated on her during their marriage, so in the this week’s episode, “All In,” we see her wrestle with moving things further with Richard. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the ladies deal with their own issues — largely without each other.

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Ready for the Next Level?

It’s quite noticeable that the gal pals aren’t together. We usually see Savi, April and Karen together, but the dynamic is different this time around. There’s a short scene with Savi and Karen, but for the most part, it’s April and Josslyn interacting with each other — and that’s because Josslyn moved out of Savi’s after their fight and is now ignoring her. I’ve said it before that Joss is sometimes the odd woman out, and the show not-so-subtly points it out again when Joss picks up a photo of the other three and wonders out loud when the photo was taken, since she’s totally not in it.

April and Joss bond over issues — April with her relationship with Richard and Joss with her sister’s, and there’s more rapport between them than April and Savi. Joss doesn’t listen to April’s advice about calling Savi. Instead, she just moves in with Alex.

April’s dilemma is over telling her daughter that she’s dating. She’s not ready to do that unless it’s completely serious with a man. Meanwhile, Richard has been telling his daughter he’s been dating — but hasn’t yet introduced her to anyone. Until now. It’s a huge step that he believes he’s ready to take, but is April ready too?

Face, Meet Fist

A week or so has passed since the last episode because Savi tells Karen that Harry continues to sleep on the couch, and she’s fully prepared to hear that Harry wants a divorce. After a chat with his business partner, who reminds him that Savi pretty much poured her savings into his restaurant, Harry gives Savi hope that there’s still a chance for them. He even encourages her to keep her job since she’s so close to making partner anyway.

But Savi’s moment of happiness doesn’t last long, of course. That’s because there’s an office retirement party coming up, and she totally forgot. And this was right after she told Dom about not leaving the firm, and they agreed to stay away from each other if they could help it. So now she has to go to an office party but tells Harry she’s just going to make an appearance. 

But he thinks he has to be a good husband and go, since other spouses will probably be there. At the party, Harry just wants a drink for himself, but Dom approaches him to chat and congratulates him about the baby, since Savi told him it was Harry’s.

Well, even if he believes that, he had it coming — Harry throws a huge punch. He probably should’ve added, “Stay away from my wife!” but he doesn’t.

Then Dom realizes that Savi doesn’t even know who the father is. That darn paternity test, what’s taking so long? It appears we’ll find out next week. Finally. Well, that is if she opens the envelope or chickens out until the following episode.

Sam the Stalker

Karen is still coming in contact with Sam, who’s taking stalking to a whole new level. Karen comes home to listen to three empty voicemails but quickly finds out it’s Sam thanks to a great technological tool known as Caller ID. But when she calls him back, he doesn’t pick up.

Instead, she hears a loud noise right outside her house — and finds out the feed to her front door camera is out. So she calls the handsome detective on the Thomas Grey case who she just happened to run into at the store. He comes over and installs a new camera.

Early the next morning, Karen steps out to get the paper. And there is Sam, parked across the street and down from her house so that he can watch her from his side mirror. Creepy! 

Back from the Dead

As April’s getting ready to leave the restaurant after having dinner with Richard, she believes she sees Paul — her dead husband — watching from across the street. Yeah, because he totally faked his death and is now back in her life. Yeah, right!

Except not really. Because it turns out Paul really is back. He faked his own death. Why? Seriously, why? This is so stupidly out of left field. Of course, it happens just as April is ready to move on — she visits his grave to tell him and everything. Well, it turns out she was just talking to a headstone.

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