In its first season, Suits pulled off a near-impossible feat: There were no bad episodes. Instead, the show gave us 12 excellent hours of complex characters and entertaining plots. You’ll be happy to know that history repeats itself with the Suits season 2 premiere, “She Knows.” If anything, Suits is even better in its return.

Season 1 was all about keeping Mike’s secret — his lack of a legal degree from Harvard (or anywhere) — as the world of high-end law slowly unfolded before us. We thrilled to see the risks and the vast rewards of that world. Characters hid truths from each other even as they revealed themselves to the audience. After that season, we are familiar with the secret and the high stakes it represents to both Harvey and Mike.

Suits season 2 isn’t about the secrets anymore. It’s about the consequences.

What could be the consequences to Harvey and Mike if their lie were to be revealed? What would happen if those consequences spread to others? “She Knows” makes it clear that it’s not just Mike’s world that could crumble with the revelation of a secret — everyone is in danger.

With consequences crashing down around them, the characters of Suits have a chance to grow. The show has always featured amazing acting — Gabriel Macht’s Harvey balances charm and ego to create a lovable-yet-awful man, while Patrick J. Adams brings true naivety to Mike, a guy who never had to work for anything until he jumped in over his head. The supporting cast of Gina Torres (Jessica), Rick Hoffman (Louis), Sarah Rafferty (Donna) and Meghan Markle (Rachel) offer almost as much, even with less screen time.

Interview: Meghan Markle and Rick Hoffman promise more of their characters in season 2.

All of these performances only improve as season 2 begins. Gina Torres‘ Jessica is especially strong: Her character gets thrown into two major plots before the end of the premiere. We also get to see true evolution in the characters of Harvey — he cares about something — and Mike — he can be a ruthless lawyer.

Click here to see what Gina Torres has to say about her character’s season 2 changes.

“She Knows” does an excellent job of setting up the changes we can expect in Suits season 2. The biggest change comes in the form of Daniel Hardman (David Costabile), Pierson Hardman’s other founding partner. Where he has been and why he was absent look ready to drive much of the action throughout the season.

Normally, I would use this part of a TV review to talk about the flaws to watch for. That’s not going to happen here. Why? Basically, there aren’t any problems worth mentioning as Suits begins its second season.

Yes, the show is that good. And it only seems to be getting better in season 2.

The Suits season 2 premiere, “She Knows,” airs on Thursday, June 14 at 10pm on USA.

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