Get ready to say goodbye to Nancy Botwin for good. According to EW, Showtime has canceled its long-running comedy Weeds, and the upcoming eighth season (premiering Sunday, July 1) will be its last.

Weeds is the longest-running scripted series on Showtime, debuting in the summer of 2005. It helped launch the network’s success, earning Emmy nominations for stars Mary-Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins, as well as a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2009. Parker won the Golden Globe for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy in 2006, defeating all four Desperate Housewives.

Weeds season 8 will also feature the show’s 100th episode, a huge milestone that the vast majority of cable shows never make it to. Neither Sex and the City nor The Sopranos reached that many episodes.

The end of Weeds should come as little surprise, however. One of its main started, Justin Kirk, has already moved on as the lead of NBC’s new fall comedy Animal Practice.

Weeds ended its last season with a big cliffhanger as a sniper’s rifle was trained on Nancy. Will she survive to the end, or will Nancy finally meet her end now that this is the last season? When it comes to Weeds, there’s no telling where it will go.

The final season of Weeds begins Sunday, July 1 at 10pm on Showtime.

Source: EW
(Image courtesy of Showtime)

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