If the picture of Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick Adams) in tuxes isn’t enough to get you to watch Suits, then how about some of the smartest writing, brilliant performances, and compelling stories on television. A few fall shows hit a sophomore slump, but with Suits it was just the opposite. In season 2, it hit all the right marks and got better with each episode.

USA Network is making all 22 episodes of Suits available for newcomers to the series to catch up and for fans of the show to experience them again.

Beginning on Thanksgiving Day, viewers can watch via free video on demand services or online at suits.usanetwork.com. The episodes will remain available up until the Suits premiere on Thursday, Jan 17 at 10 pm ET and can be found on most carriers, including, Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, Cox, Cablevision, DirecTV, Dish, ATT U-verse, and Verizon Fios.

While you are watching the episode, tweet about them using #SuitsCatchUp to share your favorite moments with other Suits fans.

For those of you who are up-to-date on the show, USA has released the titles and descriptions for the first three episodes back, as well as, a trailer. If you haven’t watched yet, you may want to avoid them to prevent being spoiled. 

“Blind-Sided” (#211)

Harvey and Mike take on a criminal suit that hits close to home for Mike, who struggles to separate his personal feelings from the facts of the case.

“Blood in the Water” (#212)

The war with Daniel may be over, but the battle has left Pearson Hardman vulnerable, and Harvey must protect the firm from a rival whose attack seems as personal as it is professional.  Louis and Mike are forced to pay the price for previous actions.

“The Strong Survive” (#213)

Harvey goes head to head against Robert Zane, Rachel’s father, on a gender discrimination case that forces Rachel to confront her complicated relationship with her Dad.  


Suits will air on Thursdays starting January 17 at 10 pm ET on USA.

(Images and video courtesy of USA.)


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