“In a world where singing and dancing is a way of life, those who are chosen rise up in song and dance.” So begins a new Glee¬†preview video, fashioned as a movie trailer (complete with voiceover, dramatic flair and slow motion) in which we’re introduced to the superheroes we can expect to see in this Thursday’s “Dynamic Duets.”

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But there’s a threat from an enemy (who’s face is blurred out and with a distorted voice), and he’s wearing a very familiar blue and red blazer. Watch the trailer below to see this new face-off that will come to a head at Sectionals:

We get introductions to who some of the students will be playing: Artie is Dr. Y, Tina is Asian Persuasion, Sam is the Blonde Chameleon, Sugar is Sweet ‘n Spicy, Joe is Tarantula Head and Blaine is Nightbird. (And just when you think it can’t get any better, Sam does an impression of George W. Bush, and if you didn’t recognize it, he also does the trailer voiceover.)

To get a more in-depth look at New Direction’s latest threat from the Warblers, take a look at this promo, where we also are introduced to more of the superheroes.

What do you think of Glee doing a superhero-themed episode? Are there any superheroes in particular from the above promos that you’re looking forward to? And will Blaine go over to the dark side (pardon the pun — “Dynamic Duets” features a song of the same name) and rejoin the Warblers?

Glee airs Thursdays at 9pm on FOX.

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(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)

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