If you watched The Voice last night with guest mentor Jennifer Hudson, you may have caught a promo for Smash season 2, also starring the Oscar winner and former American Idol finalist. But an extended first look video is now online, courtesy of Yahoo. NBC sure is banking on J-Hud to bring in viewers because this preview focuses extensively on her character, two-time Tony winner Veronica Moore.

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That powerhouse voice we’ve come to expect from her is here in full force. But not only that, we get to see her interact with another American Idol alum. “Someone’s always waiting to take you down, honey,” she says to Katharine McPhee’s Karen (yeah, she knows that from experience with Ivy). “But if the work’s good, they won’t be able to.”

We’re also introduced to Newsies star Jeremy Jordan. After seeing him sing while playing the piano, Karen says, “Your music is really good. I know it’s scary to put yourself out there, but you have to otherwise you’re never going to know how good you are.” But the response back isn’t so kind: “Stay out of this, princess.” Ouch. We know he’s going to be her new love interest, but how long will it take for that feeling to be mutual?

Check out this four-minute long preview that focuses heavily on Jennifer while also introducing new storylines and all the juiciest drama to look forward to.

In last season’s finale, Karen secured the role of Marilyn Monroe, and the episode ended with a handful of pills in Ivy’s hand. Things don’t seem to be much better for Ivy, as she’s got a sad look on her face almost the entire time in this preview. And there’s still a lot of tension between the two.

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Other highlights:

-It looks like Eileen’s boyfriend Nick is in jail. Have his scheming ways caught up to him? And her ex-husband is still in the picture.

-Besides seeing Jennifer Hudson, Jeremy Jordan and others, we get to see a quick glimpse of Will & Grace‘s Sean Hayes: “Let’s give them a show they’ll never forget.” I really hope Sean and Debra Messing have plenty of scenes together, don’t you?

-Bernadette Peters returns as Ivy’s mother and has some harsh words for her daughter: “You may be a star in the making, but you’re not there yet.”

How pumped are you for season 2? Jennifer Hudson says at one point, “Get ready, this is gonna be you in six months.” Fortunately, we won’t have to wait six months to finally be immersed again in the world of Broadway. February can’t come soon enough.

Smash season 2 premieres February 5 at 9pm on NBC.

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